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Proudly Pink at Park

By Saanvi Mirchandani

Every year, the NHP student body, teachers, and staff celebrate Pink it Up in support of breast cancer awareness month. This year, on October 1st, the NHP community all wore pink clothes and pinked up the building to display their support of this cause. Regardless of whether students were home or in the building that day, they all enjoyed being a part of a very special occasion.

Source from Ms. Katie Kaspar

NHP faculty and students socially distance for an annual overhead Pink it Up picture in the courtyard.

“Pink it Up is a day of unity within the staff and student body because everyone decks out in pink to spread awareness about breast cancer. It’s incredible to see the turnout when gladiators come together for this cause,” said junior Elisa George.

Sources from Sydney Hargrove and Ms. Katie Kaspar

The people pictured wearing pink include English teacher Ms. Kaspar; special education teachers Mr. Napoli, Mr. Fernhoff, Ms. Saridis, Ms. Bocchino and Mrs. Kenahan; seniors Christian Varghese, David Son, Evan Pappas, Gauri Shyamnath, Khushi Shah, Navdeep Kaur, Olivia Wong, Shanadib Islam, Sophia Lin, Teresa Rizzo, and Ved Trivedi; math teacher Ms. Westwater; art teacher Ms. Livoti; and special education teacher Mr. Eustache.


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