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PROM: Pretty Ridiculous or Memorable


Grab a pen, because we’re about to dive into the steps to have the best senior or junior prom ever!

Step 1: Find a date

Walking in the halls alone is embarrassing enough. Just imagine all of those couples slow dancing in your face while you’re on the 12th shirley temple of the night. So you must find a date!

Step 2: Prompose

Love means nothing if it’s not exploited in public to make everyone jealous. It has to be extravagant. I’m talking about the dollar store glitter and crayola markers your 3rd grade teacher made you get. But nowadays it can’t be a total surprise. To ensure success, you must ask them before on a text message. This way you can get the perfect video to post on your instagram story with total confidence you won’t be rejected.

Step 3: Buy an outfit

For those wearing dresses, you better buy them quickly and send them to the official dress instagram right away to make sure no one has the same color, style, brand, cut or sequin placement as you. Considering there are really only ten trendy dresses this prom season, I wish luck to anyone who has started shopping after December. For those wearing tuxedos, we know they have been in your closet since the 6th grade dance, so make sure they at least go past your ankle.

Source by Hannah Banana and Mary Kay Manly

NHP's very own English teacher followed these exact steps to look her best.

Step 4: The big day

Straight hair girls must curl it, and curly hair girls must straighten it. If you have to yell at your parents to take 500 photos at 40 different angles, so be it. These pictures WILL make or break your entire life. Prom is going to fly by, so you want to make sure you know all the words to the songs. If you have to miss the appetizers to learn Doja Cat, it is what it is. Remember: the most important thing about prom is to look good. Go get 'em!


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