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Mid-Year Check-In: NHP's Performing Groups Reflect on Success

By Bea Navarro

The NHP Cheerleaders, Twirlers, Romanettes and Step Team have taken the spotlight at every event, including competitions, pep rallies and games, consistently captivating audiences. Performers themselves are extremely enthusiastic about future events, leaving students curious as to what’s next as the 2024 season progresses. 

“I’m so excited for the events we have planned this year. This is my second year of Twirlers and our performances so far have been amazing. We’ve worked really hard, especially for the winter pep rally and all that hard work is paying off,” freshman Twirler Nikita Bansal said.

The performing groups have been practicing since the beginning of summer to choreograph the routines showcased at football games, basketball games, pep rallies and competitions. These groups are run by NHP teachers Ms. Westwater (Cheer), Ms. Margulies (Twirlers), Ms. Kennedy (Romanettes) and Ms. Lyn (Step Team). In addition to school sporting events and performances, the cheerleaders have also participated in numerous competitions and cheer fests, the most recent one was Hofstra Cheer Fest, which is Long Island's annual exhibition to showcase high school cheerleading squads in the region.

Source by Linda Cheung

Girls from all four performing groups bring their energy and enthusiasm to the crowd when displaying their pride for NHP.

“The performances this year have been incredible, and I think all the girls and I have put forth extreme amounts of dedication. The memories I make with the team fuel my passion for performing,” junior Romanette Zury Contreras said. 

Senior Showcase is NHP’s annual tradition for all performing group seniors to swap places in each other's teams to form the best routines of the year before parting ways. 

The showcase is a very exciting event for all performing groups because they get to celebrate all of their hard work throughout the school year and get to pay special tribute to the seniors who will be graduating in June,” Romanettes coach Ms. Kennedy said.

Not only does being a part of one of these teams connect one with others, but is also a gateway to boost one's self esteem and confidence.

“Being a Stepper is a really fun experience that is very important to me because it's a time that I get to thrive and be myself during performance,” freshman Fiona Premcy said.

Ultimately, the performing groups are very excited for the upcoming performances and events and have the common goal to carry on their tradition of boosting NHP’s school spirit. 


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