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Performing Forward

By Jada Seto

Along with all the sports teams postponed until the spring, performance teams who normally bring school spirit have also had to halt their normal activities. The NHP Twirlers, Steppers, Romanettes, and cheerleaders have provided the school with more support with their peppy performances. Whether it was team morning practices or holiday events such as Friendsgiving, many members on the teams enjoyed the creation of a sisterhood. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the in-person activities have stopped, but throughout all the groups the maintenance of kinship remains. 

Last year, team members worked hard to give the graduating seniors (Class of 2020) a proper send-off. Many teammates found safe ways to commemorate their senior year by creating gifts and using digital yearbooks to reflect on the relationships built. 

Sources from Sophia Giamarino and Olivia Wong

The performing teams' accessories are unused this fall, but will hopefully be seen back at school soon.

“The team and I are definitely upset that we can’t have our usual performances and practices during the time but we understand the circumstances. There are seven seniors on the team including me and we definitely didn’t expect our last year to be like this. We have so much fun together and make so many memories during practices, so we are all trying to have a positive outlook and hoping things get better soon,” said senior Stepper Riya Joseph. 

For the Twirlers, younger members worked together to create tote bags that displayed pictures of the full team, sending the seniors off with some nice memorabilia that could be used in college. Additionally, in hopes of being able to resume normal activities and potentially perform again in the future, advisors of the teams had appointed officers for the Class of 2021. 

Although performing in the next few months might not happen, all teams are remaining positive and trying to assimilate to this new normal. 

“We aren’t sure what will happen this year due to current circumstances, but we are trying to be optimistic and hope to be able to perform eventually!” said senior Romanette Joyce Chen.

"I miss cheering at games, homecoming, pep rally, practices with all my friends, making and learning new dances, and stunting. I look forward to having fun during my last year with my friends and hopefully having at least one pep rally and a football season to cheer for," said senior cheerleader Katrina Rivers.

This year has presented many new challenges and continues to change students' day-to-day routine, but similar to everyone’s hopes in the NHP community, the performance teams are excited to one day be back together and share the NHP pride.


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