Pens Down for Class Presidents

By Samantha Chang and Riley Griffin

To the Class of 2022,

Congratulations, we did it! Although the last few years have been anything but normal, we were still able to thrive. We overcame challenges and were able to find ourselves. Six years passed in a blink of an eye with memories that will last forever. We made it to the end of high school, just one of the many chapters that awaits us. Though the future may be uncertain, we have faith that we are more than capable to adapt and overcome.

We want to first commemorate our fellow classmates for their hard work over the past few years, and congratulate them on all their accomplishments. We would also like to recognize our teachers, coaches, advisers, counselors and parents who help shape our young minds and provide us with the learning tools for academic achievement. We would not be here if it wasn’t for your guidance throughout the years. Thank you to all who have continuously supported and encouraged us to discover our ambitions and goals.

In a few months or even a few years from now, we hope you look back on fond memories. Despite being challenging at times, riddled with schoolwork, and trying to balance activities amidst a pandemic, high school undoubtedly had its highlights. From seeing the stands decorated in navy and white for our homecoming football game and marching down Jericho in the parade to sharing empanadas and pasta during world language night. Or from dancing during Starry Night to energetically celebrating the boys' winning playoff game for basketball. To some, high school may not have been a specific event or time, but rather reminiscent of the people who have shaped your experiences here. We hope you cherish these bonds and friendships forever.

Source from Samantha Chang

Co-Presidents Riley Griffin and Samantha Chang start the school year strong together at Homecoming.