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Passionate Performers

By Morgan Oberwiler

Throughout the course of the year, New Hyde Park Memorial High School performance teams have stayed focused, demonstrating hard work and dedication to make dances enjoyable to many. The cheerleaders, Romanettes, steppers and twirlers have stunted, kicked, stepped and twirled their way to success, providing an entertaining exhibit at half-time shows and winter pep rally.

With the four teams splitting the girls and boys basketball halftime performances evenly, there is always a new exhibition to be watched. The rotation allows each team to showcase their notable moves while highlighting their confidence and intensity.

“Well for one, it’s a relief sometimes. Basketball season is arguably one of our hardest seasons because everything is so up close and personal. If you drop your baton, it makes a loud thud unlike how it would on the turf, and everybody's watching from so close by you can see everything that happens,” senior Ishita Bansal said. “On the other hand, it’s sad because we don’t get as many opportunities to showcase our sophomores’ and juniors’ choreography. It’s bittersweet knowing that. While basketball season is challenging, and it’s relieving that we don’t have to perform every week, it’s also a bit sad that we don’t have as many chances to show off how we overcome those challenges.”

Artwork by Shadia Zayer

The twirlers showcase their choreography during half-time of basketball games and winter pep rally.

The adrenaline rush mid-performance allows many performers to appear effortlessly talented. By practicing almost everyday, the teams choreographed and refined their moves, making winter pep rally enjoyable for many students.

“My varsity cheerleading team has been preparing for the pep rally by changing up our routine and cheer to be perfect in time. Every practice we’ve been working on new stunts that are harder than the ones we’ve done in our older routines,” senior Audrey Mikowski said. “We have also prepared by changing up dances and music to make our routine the best it can be to perform. Repeatedly doing our whole routine at practices is extremely important to make sure we’re all ready and confident to perform our best.”

NHP’s performance teams amaze many audience members with their routines. Some NHP students who attend the basketball games love to watch the groups, cheering passionately during the performances.

“I personally love watching the Romanettes perform. Their dances are always so fun and different, and their kicks are always phenomenal,” junior Sarah-Rose Dempsey said.

“All the group's performances were so well executed. I enjoy watching their new dances and routines,” freshman Erik Oberwiler said.


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