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Parking is for the People

By Gregory Marzano

Throughout the past years, seniors with driver’s licenses and cars have been allowed to drive to school and park in the student parking. After hearing many complaints about the lack of space creating competition to find a parking spot, NHP administration has made the decision to allow students to park not only in the senior parking lot, but also in the faculty lot.

Students and faculty have very mixed opinions about this change.

“As if the faculty parking lot wasn’t a zoo already, allowing students to park here is going to make it a nightmare trying to find a parking space,” said English teacher Ms. Park-Ng.

Source by Anna Dekte

Unnamed student switches out her student parking pass with a stolen teacher parking pass; the student poses with the atrocity she calls her trunk.

“I’m so happy they are letting us park in the faculty lot. If teacher’s can’t find a spot, they can just park in the student parking lot like we’ve been doing all school year,” said senior Carson Topofeachother.

“Some of us are already making up parking spaces that aren’t even technically spaces, this is a terrible idea. I just hope my car doesn’t get damaged,” said math teacher Ms. Eastwater.

For seniors who are interested in receiving a parking pass for the faculty lot, stop by the main office and talk to one of the secretaries.


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