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Pajama Day

By Kaitlyn Bell

During Senior Week, the Class of 2023 got to experience pajama day and put on comfortable clothes to have a relaxing day with their friends. Many seniors took a unique approach to the loungewear style, dressing up in robes, fuzzy slippers, onesies and some even in Valentine's Day-themed pajamas.

Source by Christina Wilson

Seniors show up in their sleepwear attire as they take on the school day with their best stuffed animals.

Cozy accessories were also utilized during the day. Many seniors showed off their favorite stuffed animals, blankets, pillows and other bedtime necessities. Seniors expressed that they liked bringing in their own accessories as it felt more comfortable and homey and allowed them to show off their favorite items.

Source by Christina Wilson

Seniors Shayla Dervisevic, Anna Detke and Alison Leontis show off their favorite stuffed animals and comfortable clothes.

“Pajama day was so fun! We all took cute photos and enjoyed our second day of senior week. I brought my stuffed pig which made it even better. This week was full of so many great memories so far,” senior Ava Geigle said.

Many seniors expressed their interest and enjoyment in other people’s outfits and accessories. Seeing their friends and classmates in comfy clothing brought them together for the day.

“It was super comfy wearing pajamas to school. I also carried around a blanket and squishmallow, and it was funny seeing other people carry around blankets, pillows and stuffed animals too,” senior Caley Caleca said.

During the day, many of the seniors took photos in the dead hallway and in other areas of the school. In between the second and third period of the school day, the seniors took an opportunity to nap in the dead hallway, blocking the walkway. Some seniors expressed their enthusiasm about the event.

Source by Christina Wilson

A large number of the class of 2023 students gathered in the dead hallway, preventing traumatized underclassmen from walking through.

"Pajama day was such a fun day. I got to relax in the morning and throw on my most comfortable pjs! It was a great time to just be with friends and enjoy our time together,” senior Natalie Bak said.

“I loved seeing everyone’s different pajamas and accessories. It was also fun to sit in the dead hallway between periods and take cute pictures,” senior Maggie Gray said.

“Pajama day was a lot of fun and of course very relaxing. Everyone seemed to enjoy it so I’d say it was successful,” senior Andrew Canese said.

“Most comfortable I have been during my time at New Hyde Park,” senior John DiCanio said.


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