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Pajama Day

By Rachel Houng

It is no secret that seniors work tirelessly throughout their day. While underclassmen may be snoozing away, seniors may be continuously worrying about their college applications and what their future may hold. The class of 2022 may stay awake thinking about their future cozied up in their beds. As a result, pajama day may give seniors the opportunity to wear their pajamas to school - saving them time to get ready for school. Some gladiators have taken this day as an opportunity to bring a creative twist to their daily nightwear.

Source from Tiffany Wong and Jessica Jaimon

Seniors Faiza Ahmed, Alicia Koshy, Tiffany Wong, Arwa Rahim and Jessica Jaimon were seen cozied up in comfortable clothes as they went about their day.

Many seniors enjoyed this event because they were able to see how their peers would interpret pajama day.

"It was so much fun because we don't usually wear pajamas to school. My favorite part was how everyone brought their stuffed animals and blankets. Especially when Max brought his big polar bear, definitely a highlight of my day," senior Tiffany Wong said.

"We decided what pajamas to wear by looking through amazon and seeing which ones we both liked then ultimately choosing a two piece pink satin set," senior Jessica Jaimon said.

"My favorite pajamas were Jessica's and Tiffany's. They were wearing matching sets! It was very cute and adorable to see them in the hallways with their matching pajamas and plushies," senior Arwa Rahim said.

Source from Berlyn Stanley and Hailey Layug

Seniors Shirley Chen and Maximillian O'Connor were spotted strutting down the school hallways with their stuffed animals.

While there were many memorable pajamas, many people also enjoyed seeing the stuffed animals their peers brought to school.

"Max's pajamas were my favorite because he brought in a huge bear, which I thought was really funny," senior Jason Pun said.

Source from Emma Ouyang

Seniors Hannah Kim, Angelina Ng, Shirley Chen and Emma Ouyang snap a selfie while waiting for their gym class to begin.

Pajama day also allowed seniors to bring props with them to school which added an acute sense of comfort for many.

"My favorite part about pajama day was being in school with a blanket because it was so comfortable, and I also loved seeing everyone's robes and stuffed animals cause they were so cute," senior Miriya Lok said.

Source from Grace Tumulty and Amanda Joa

Seniors Gabrielle Munge, Vanessa DiNardo, Meghan Korzevinski, Michaela Cooney, Grace Tumulty, Amanda Joa and Riley Griffin snuggle up with their variety of stuffed animals, ranging from squish mallows to giant llamas.

Whether the class of '22 were wearing matching pajamas or matching stuffed animals, it is evident that there was a pop of color in their nightwear.

"My favorite part about pajama day was bringing my stuffed animal to school and matching with my friend," senior Ankita Ghosh said.

Source from Daniel Kim

Seniors Rachel John, Elisa George and Hailey Zachariah stop to take a group picture, commemorating pajama day.

"I felt very comfortable during pajama day, especially having club meetings after school that I had after-school which I was going to be stressed about, so to be in fuzzy pjs and slippers was calming before a hectic storm," senior Hailey Zachariah said.

Amidst the bustle of daily life, seniors should be given the opportunity to kick back and relax in their pajamas.


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