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Off to Playoffs

By Morgan Oberwiler and Rachel Priest

The New Hyde Park girls varsity volleyball, football, field hockey and soccer teams have secured their spots in playoffs. By playing aggressively and competitively throughout the season, the teams won enough games to advance.

With practice six days a week, girls varsity volleyball has managed to remain undefeated and “set” their path to playoffs. The girls have kept high intensity for each game, leading them to their 13-0 season.

Source from Natalie Bak and Sam Tsui

Teammates show their enthusiasm after scoring a point; Seniors Tina Torre and Emily Speter high five; Nicole DiMartino prepares to serve.

“I made sure to lead the girls throughout the season. I managed to work hard while motivating my teammates to stay confident. Even when the competitive games got difficult, we made sure to keep our heads high and continue playing,” senior Nicole DiMartino said.

“The season was very successful. We remained undefeated the whole season. I’m going to miss this team so much,” senior Emma Treadwell said.

"This was my first year on varsity volleyball, but everyone was so welcoming, and it was an amazing season with the best people," sophomore Anna Yang said.

Varsity football has an outstanding record with only two losses this season. The boys made sure to stay focused and motivated, building team chemistry everyday. After many late night and early morning practices, their commitment and drive has kept the team on the right path.

Source from Emily Speter

Varsity football players celebrate after scoring a touchdown.

“I loved playing football with my best friends. Making it to the playoffs this season was such an honor. Staying driven and passionate gave us the opportunity to progress our season. I am so excited to get a chance to win the playoffs,” senior John Oliva said.

“This year we played hard and made our way to the playoffs. Being motivated gave us this opportunity, and I am so excited to play next year. I am going to miss the seniors so much,” junior Anthony Lasala said.

From August to now, the NHP Field Hockey team has made strides to prevail in their season. The team has witnessed the advantages to playing with full pride, leading to many successful games.

“Getting a chance to win the playoffs this season is so enjoyable. I love my team, and knowing that our skill has gotten us here is so motivating. I love working hard with the team day in and day out,” senior Teresa Puccio said.

Source from Rebecca John

Varsity field hockey bonds during a game; Senior Caley Caleca defends the ball from the opposing team.

The NHP fall sports have displayed their skills and talents throughout the course of their respective seasons. Playing with passion allowed the varsity athletes to reap the benefits of getting a chance to further their athletic journey in playoffs.


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