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NHP Seniors Go Crazy for Costume Day

By Arjit Nair

Once again, NHP’s seniors drew all eyes on Costume Day, showcasing their creativity and flair with a dash of their respective humor. The class of 2024 filled hallways with a plethora of costumes, ranging from famed fictional figures from Dr. Seuss to detailed disguises from famous movies like “The Joker'' and “Men In Black'' and even vibrant personas of famous foods like Cosmic Brownies and Panda Express. 

Source by Arjit Nair

Seniors Ivana Ishmael, Isabella Gomes and Jessica Valencia pose in a group costume.

“Senior week was one of the most fun weeks in my high school experience. Dressing with my bestest friends, taking photos and making memories was a great way to end my last year of high school,” senior Jessica Valencia said. 

“It was super enjoyable creating a lovely day between the teachers and the students with all the different costumes,” senior John Cutter said.

“I felt like the whole day was very lively and everyone showed a lot of spirit. Our group costume, the disco cowboys, we felt happy that others could connect that we were all in a group together even if we weren’t at the same place at the same time. It gave us an identity,” senior Vansh Patel said.

Source by Arjit Nair

Seniors Olivia Loubriel, Betzy Salmeron, Guneet Hanjra and Chesna Chummar wear a group outfit as the Lorax.

“Costume Day is one of my favorite days of senior week. I dressed up as the Lorax with some of my best friends and it was so much fun. We definitely got a lot of stares wearing bright orange inflatable costumes but it was worth it,” senior Chesna Chummar said.

After school, seniors gathered in the cafeteria to enjoy pizza and other refreshments while they waited to be called up for their presentation in the costume competition. The seniors were thrilled to show off their thoughtfully crafted costumes to judges and winners would receive free prom tickets and gift cards. The best overall individual costume and winner of the free prom ticket was Jasmine Troche-Soucy. The funniest costume was the Taco Bell group: Aparna Shibu, Trisha George, Ashley Pulinthanathu, Angelina Alias, Rebecca John, Ashlin Benny, Annmarie Kurien. The winner for the best group were the food mascots Joseph Reo, Rosina Zehnter, Mia Seeto, Georgina Giannatsis and Kaitlyn Bell, all winning gift cards. 

Source by Arjit Nair

Seniors Kanav Dani, Arav Singh, Vansh Patel and Jensen Varghese coordinate a disco cowboy group costume.

“Senior week was a fun week to just hangout and have fun with many of your friends,” senior Arav Singh said. “It's the beginning of all senior activities, so many people look forward to it. My group and I decided to be disco cowboys and make up a little dance for the judges. Even though we feel we got robbed of first place, we all still had a fun time.”

“Costume Day was definitely my favorite day of senior week,” senior Ashley Pulinthanathu said. “My friends and I dressed up as a Taco and the various taco bell sauces. We even won most hilarious costume which was definitely a memorable moment! We had a great time brainstorming different ideas and creating our final costumes as well! It was so much fun to see everyone in such creative outfits.  Costume Day was a great memory for our whole class to share and look back on one day!”

Source by Arjit Nair

Seniors Brandon Noguera and Alex Tiwari pose in a coordinated costume as the Joker.

“Senior week was an amazing experience for my friends and I,” class of 2024 President Brandon Noguera said. “It was the most relaxed I've ever felt in school because not only was the workload light, but wholesome feelings flooded the school as I saw a majority of seniors celebrating. In regards to Costume Day, school was hilarious and showed the passion of many students for the occasion. Alex Tiwari and I were inspired by our ready materials from Halloween. We took so many pictures with so many people and overall enjoyed our time. The party at the end of the day was also great because we got everybody with costumes together.”


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