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Students Celebrate NHP's Second Annual Winter Pep Rally

By Sarah Solomon and Serena Paul

On Monday, January 22, 2024, New Hyde Park Memorial held its annual winter pep rally.​​ The event showcased a diverse range of winter season athletic teams and performing groups. 

To start off the pep rally, the band performed the national anthem as well as “Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. 

Source by Linda Cheung

NHP band performs "Shut up and Dance" during the winter pep rally.

“Preparation for our Winter Pep Rally involved coordination between students/teams, performing groups, student activities, the athletic department and Mr. Kern and Mr. D'Ammassa's tech team,” Mr. Maguire said. “I believe that holding a Winter Pep Rally allows our teams and performing groups to be recognized for all their hard work and dedication to the sport/activity that they love! It develops pride in representing our school and community. I was very happy with how the Pep Rally went. We had a high-energy crowd with amazing performances by our Step team, Romanettes, Twirlers and Cheer teams. Plus, Kevin Kuriakose's half-court shot was AMAZING! It brought down the house!”

Each winter sports team was called up to receive recognition for their commitment to the athletic community. Two memorable moments from the event were Kevin Kuriakose’s half-court shot and Alex Grant’s dunk, both of which ignited a wave of excitement among the student section. Additionally, Alec Dampman from the track team was acknowledged for breaking the boys 600 meter record with an impressive time of one minute and 27 seconds. 

Source by Linda Cheung

NHP's athletes shock the student congregation with their vast sports skill sets.

“I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Winter Pep Rally,” sophomore Ariana Muhammad said. “I love seeing all the winter sport athletes and performance groups get the recognition they deserve for their dedication to a sport or team, along with their other responsibilities. The gym was filled with energy, excitement, pride and, most importantly, school spirit. The performances and skits performed by some teams were particularly exciting to watch!” 

As the sports were announced the performing groups, including the twirlers, the Romanettes, step team and cheerleaders performed, keeping the crowd entertained. 

Source by Linda Cheung

NHP's performing groups showcase their months of training through their exciting performances.

“Pep rally was great! I had so much fun watching all the performances with my friends,” sophomore Hima Binu said. “I liked how they had the athlete recognition alternating with the performing teams to keep things lively.”

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of teachers, coaches and students, the winter pep rally was a success. It served as a way for the NHP community to express their school spirit while recognizing the hard work of student-athletes and performers.


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