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NHP's New Athletic Director: Maguire Makes Headway

By Eliana Park and Asmita Saha

In a time of constant readjustment to the effects of the pandemic, New Hyde Park Memorial welcomes a new athletic director. Mr. Patrick Maguire, NHP alumnus and former lacrosse and football player, has returned to bring new ideas and spirit to the athletic department. In an interview with The Chariot, Mr. Maguire reflected on his time as a student at NHP and what he can add to the athletics program.

Q: What are your plans for the Athletic Department? Are there any goals you want to work towards in the department? What are they?

Mr. Patrick Maguire: When I received this position back in late June, I immediately began to think about my vision for NHP Athletics. New Hyde Park Memorial High School believes that a strong athletic program is vital and serves to produce well-rounded students. Our goal is to provide students with a variety of experiences that will aid in the development of skills and positive attitudes that prepare them for the real world. Athletics gives our students the opportunity to represent our school and community, while teaching virtues such as integrity, sportsmanship, respect, responsibility and excellence. ​This vision coincides with what I like to call the “Gladiator Way.” Being a member of a New Hyde Park athletic team is a privilege and an honor. Being a student-athlete comes with a sense of responsibility as you represent yourself, your community, your family and your team with the highest standard of excellence. Gladiators commit to doing their best in any and every situation, hold themselves and others accountable and live up to the core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, sportsmanship and excellence. Be the best version of yourself academically, athletically and in the New Hyde Park community. My goal for our athletic program is to develop not only great athletes and teams but great people!

Q: How has NHP changed since you attended? What about the Athletic Department?

PM: New Hyde Park Memorial High School has not changed much since I attended it over 20 years ago. We have always been supported by wonderful parents/families, community members and of course teachers and coaches; that has not changed. What I have noticed in my short time back is that people at NHP truly care about each other. Every student and adult that I have come in contact with very graciously welcomed me back to the community and offered to help me in any way that I needed. NHP is still the close-knit community that I remember. I am truly proud to be a Gladiator. The Athletic Department has not changed much since my time at NHP either. The goal was and always will be to "Strive for Excellence'' in everything we do. This has been very evident from my very first days back on the NHP campus. Throughout the summer, I saw coaches and student-athletes alike committed to improving both as an individual and team in preparation of the fall season. This commitment has led to a lot of success on the fields and on courts at New Hyde Park Memorial.

Q: Why did you decide to come back to NHP?

PM: New Hyde Park is a special place. This is where I grew up, and learned so much about being a good person because of the wonderful teachers and coaches at NHP. The reason I became a teacher/coach is because of my high school coaches like Kevin Dolan, John Rainis, John Calo and many others. They taught me so much about not only athletics, but life. I am the person I am today because of the impact that they had on my life. When the opportunity to work at New Hyde Park Memorial came about, I jumped at the chance. This is a dream to come “home.” I will never take for granted the opportunity offered to me to impact students, student-athletes and the overall NHP Athletic Department.

Q: One of the improvements you have implemented for the Athletic Department is an expansion in social media presence. What do you have in store for @nhp_athletics?

PM: ​One of my goals for the NHP Athletic Department is to use both Instagram and Twitter as a way to show the NHP community the great things that our coaches, athletes and teams are doing on a daily basis. I want to highlight not only the wins and great athletic accomplishments, but the great things that our student-athletes are doing in the community.

Source by Lauren DiGregorio

The @nhp_athletics Instagram page demonstrates how involved the students get in the NHP athletics department.

Q: How would you describe your experience when you were a student at New Hyde Park? Did you participate in any sports?

PM: I had a wonderful experience at NHP. I played football and lacrosse from seventh to twelfth grade. I learned how to play the game the right way and learned how to become a good person in the process. Athletics at NHP also afforded me the opportunity to meet some great people. Some of my best friends today are those individuals that I played football and lacrosse with for six years. The relationships that were built on the fields in high school have resulted in lifelong friendships.


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