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NHP Gets Lost Due to Confusing Room Numbers

By HelpMe Please

In 2022, a writer in this newspaper exposed the reasoning behind the overhaul of the school’s room numbers. Prior to this change, the room numbering was unorganized, and now every room next to each other goes up by two. The intention was to make the number system easy to follow for all staff and students. However, many students and staff struggled getting used to this system. It’s been two years since then, so let’s see how the new system works.

Of course, it is also important to consider that we, as people who attend this lovely school every day, got used to the old way and are resistant to change. Despite this, a source, who wishes to remain anonymous, volunteered at parent teacher conferences in November and reports that parents were frustrated and confused.

If the parents were bewildered, the students have been downright traumatized.

“I have been stuck in the school for days on end because I couldn't circumnavigate the hallways. I remember this one time where I couldn't get out for a week. Eventually, I had met others like me who couldn't find their way. We formed a travel group and began going on our journey. We faced innumerable obstacles together. I still remember one guy separated from our little travel group. Once we found out he was gone, we knew he was a lost cause. We found what was left in the fourth floor pool,“ survivor Rachel Jacob said.

Source by HelpMe Please

Real-life evidence of NHP's intimidating hallways, painted with the blood of previous battles.

One of our chief editors got lost on the way to AP Environmental Science. Room 323, camped between a corner of the hallway and surrounded by nonsensical numbers, proved to be too difficult to find. As she is missing, this editor is unavailable for comment.

Usually, Chariot articles require at least three quotes before we can even consider publishing. However, the situation is so desperate and so many people are missing that we must forgo the proper journalistic process and get the news out quickly and efficiently. Grim times are ahead NHP, so be careful and remember: always look at the numbers.


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