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NHP Cheer Competes at Gameday Competitions

By Manal Rashid

At many sporting and spirit-building events, the varsity cheer team is known for ensuring the positive and unified morale of New Hyde Park’s crowd. Each year, they are able to raise the bar, but on October 4, the team made history. For the first time, the New Hyde Park varsity cheer team took the mat in a Gameday Competition at Cold Spring Harbor High School. Since then, the team has been continuing to work hard toward future success.

“After our first competition, we got straight back into our 6-day-a-week practices and tried to figure out how to improve our routine to get a higher score,” senior Alexandra Marsella said. "I hope to continue to grow closer with all the girls on the team, and I hope to place at one of our competitions.”

Going into the competition, the captains took charge and made sure to bring out everyone’s full potential.

“As captain, I went into the season wanting to build the cheer program and help develop the best version of our team,” senior Jessica Valencia said. “We’ve worked hard to go competitive and have so much potential. Growing the future of the program is truly so important to me, and I can’t wait to finish my last year being captain of this amazing team.”

Though the Game Day Competition was a historic moment for New Hyde Park Memorial as a whole, it was especially significant for the cheerleaders.

“This competition allows my peers to see cheer as a competitive sport now instead of it being seen as something girly or feminine,” junior Abigail Murray said. “I really hope other students and cheerleaders in our school can learn from future competitions.”

This major step for the varsity team wasn’t an easy process, as they had to prepare a perfect routine and dedicate hours of practice.

“Cheerleading has always been a passion of mine, so I was really excited to hear that we would finally be able to compete,” junior Alexa Geigle said. “The preparation was stressful and a lot of pressure, but it showed that hard work and dedication from the whole team really pays off in the end.”

Source by Linda Cheung

Varsity cheerleaders make history at the first NHP-hosted Gameday Competition.

NHP competed at their second Gameday Competition on Thursday, October 12. However, this competition was especially exciting as it was hosted by NHP. A total of 17 teams competed and had routines that consisted of a band chant, offensive or defensive cheer, a crowd leading cheer as well as a fight song. The five judges then scored the routines based on execution, sharpness and crowd engagement.

"I am so excited to be apart of the first official season of Gameday Competitive Cheer in New York state," varsity cheer coach Ms. Westwater said. "Our program has worked tirelessly to have the opportunity to compete and show NY what we can do. I am so proud of how we did at our first competition. Our scores were very impressive, but more importantly my athletes demonstrated incredible sportsmanship, dedication, and professionalism. The best part is knowing that this is only the beginning for NHPVC!!"

The varsity cheer team continues to spread positivity and energy on a daily basis. Their passion and dedication to the sport they care about has allowed them to make history.

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