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NHP Celebrates World Language Week

By Evyn Roliz

Through a combination of in-classroom learning and exciting after school events, NHP’s 2024 World Language Week inspired the exploration of foreign languages and cultures. From March 11 to March 15, French, Spanish and Italian students got the opportunity to participate in entertaining activities planned by their teachers to enhance their language learning. 

“We put our heads together to design activities that align with foreign language week, and also create a plan that all students will take pleasure in,” French teacher Mr. Pierre said. 

Source from Ms. Caliendo

Students enjoy an evening of cultural food, music and dancing on World Language and Culture Night.

During World Language Week, typical classroom instruction ceased temporarily. The language teachers devised creative ways to incorporate language learning into recreational activities. Traditional lessons were replaced by class parties, art projects and crafts. 

“My favorite activity from World Language Week would have to be the [Language Links Us Together] posters — not only making the posters, but walking around and seeing how different people made their posters. It was a beautiful display of creativity, and it showed how culture can be represented in so many ways” freshman Amy Jigon said. 

“For our Italian class, we got to do art projects. I liked when we all got to recreate the Mona Lisa,” seventh grader Nicole Papa said. 

Source from Ms. Caliendo

Students gather on line to try foods from a variety of cultures.

Activities for Language Week included movies, food days, global trivia and other fun activities that had an emphasis on different international cultures. 

“My favorite activity was making piñatas,” freshman Priya Baring said. “It showed me how fun it was to make them, and it was just a really great experience for me.”

“There was food from different cultures, people from different cultures — it was just beautiful to see everyone come together,” Amy Jigon said.

Source from Ms. Caliendo

Students Gigi Giannatsis, Riya Lukose, Joyce Cordero, Dhara Patel, Subreina Kaura and Christina Tsigos serve a variety of cultural dishes to students at World Language and Culture Night.

The week of culture appreciation concluded with the World Language Showcase, a multicultural celebration that took place in the gym. At the party, there was a variety of food, cultural music and dancing. 


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