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NHP Athletes vs. Offseason

By Ethan Chung

The events of 2020 are probably not how anyone would have imagined the new decade to start. With the coronavirus putting everything on hold, many extracurricular activities were halted as everyone was forced to quarantine. It was an especially devastating loss for the student-athletes in New Hyde Park Memorial High School. Losing the ability to experience the thrill of playing sports is heartbreaking for many of the seniors and underclassmen alike. Yet, throughout the summer and start of the 2020-2021 school year, students shared how they managed to have fun and make up what they lost throughout a difficult time of the pandemic. 

Triathlete Luke Orbon is training harder than ever before to keep himself ready for the upcoming season. Playing with his travel baseball team and simultaneously practicing for football is keeping him in shape to face the seasons he is looking forward to in the spring. Through this, all his time working out in the gym in hopes to prove himself this year on the field becomes more apparent.

“I am preparing for the season because I know there will be one; I am very confident,” said senior baseball and football player Luke Orbon.

Siya Sharma, a senior volleyball player, decided to spend her summer and quarantine with a little more fun. Wanting to make the most out of her last year in high school, she was found most of the time enjoying the summer days outside. Not too concerned with the season, she worked out, went to the beach, and played different sports with friends and family. Trying to make the most out of the last year in high school, she didn’t let the pandemic stop her from making many memories throughout the summer. 

Source from Siya Sharma

Senior Siya Sharma enjoys a day at the beach while also practicing volleyball.

Already feeling frustrated about the canceled lacrosse season in the spring, senior Ryan Swanson was exasperated after losing the fall football season. Determined to come back better than ever and release the anger, the gym is where he and many other student-athletes spend their time.

“It wasn’t a great feeling to hear that our senior sports season was going to be postponed and condensed. However, I made the most of it by going to the gym daily and trying to be the best I could for the upcoming season,” said senior football player Ryan Swanson. 

A game that grew wildly popular this quarantine is a miniature type volleyball game called spike ball, perfect for volleyball player Sareena Jacob. Learning little nuance techniques while having fun was a perfect way for her to prepare for the upcoming season in the spring. But even if the players cannot physically play, some coaches are getting a head start. 

“The coach began doing some Google Meets to exercise and talk to the players,” said junior Sareena Jacob.

Although many were disappointed that sports would not play out this fall, NHP athletes are working hard and looking forward to playing this spring.


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