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Newly Installed Televisions at NHP Split Student Opinion

By Carmela Drossman-Schlossberg

From iPads to MacBooks, NHP embraces many different types of technology in order to enhance students’ learning experience. One of the most important types of technology used in the classroom are televisions, which allow teachers to project information in a visual way. This year, NHP has opted to upgrade existing classroom televisions and alter the manner in which televisions are used.

There are two types of new televisions that were implemented this year. The first type of television are classroom televisions. Previously, NHP already had televisions in every classroom. This year, however, all of these televisions were replaced with an updated model. This model includes a coating that aims to prevent glare. These televisions were funded and installed by the district.

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Custodians install new larger classrom televisions with anti-glare coating througout the school.

The other televisions are immediately noticeable when you walk through the hallways. NHP has installed seven televisions in various locations throughout the hallways. Prior to the placement of these televisions, there were different showcases used to display student work. However, these showcases often remained outdated and they were replaced with these televisions to combat that.

“Anything we can do to promote students and activities, we are going to show on the TVs for students to see,” principal Dr. Faccio said. “For example, the class of 2024 has an upcoming fundraising event, so I asked them to send me their flier so I could display it. I want all students to email me if there is something they feel should be shown to the school,”.

Source by Rachel Jacob

The televisions in the hallways depict different important events that are occuring around the school.

These televisions show the Five Day Planner, which summarizes and reminds the student population about the week's events. They also show the time, weather and include flyers for any other news going on in the school.  When not showing school news, other interesting things, such as origami or news about student entrepreneurs are displayed. 

“The TVs are helpful for promoting certain events in the school. Most events are really promoted on social media, however the TV allows you to see these events more as it’s open to everyone in the school,” junior Serina John said.

While it is clear that the televisions were implemented with good intentions, many students and teachers have concerns about the necessity of their placement.

“I understand the initial purchase of the televisions to facilitate learning and awareness, but the fact that this money was used to solve a small problem instead of one of the many larger ones bothers me,” sophomore Sara Erxleben said. “I think that the money used to purchase the TVs could have been used to fix the heating/cooling system, or to fix the locks in the locker room bathrooms.”

“I know they want to show announcements, but I think that there were so many better things to use the money for. Overall, these TVs were an unnecessary addition,” junior Rasandi Fernando said.

The funding for the televisions in the hallway was provided by Student Activities, which utilizes fundraisers and other methods to make money. Dr. Faccio remarked that the cost of this operation was much lower than people would originally expect, costing $2,600 for all seven televisions.

The introduction of upgraded televisions at NHP reflects the school's commitment to leveraging technology for educational and community-building purposes. With some students having raised concerns about the cost, it remains to be seen if the televisions will prove their value. 


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