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New Season, New Fashion: Upcoming Trends in Winter Footwear

By Leah Sanichara

Winter will be arriving shortly, and with this change in weather comes a change in fashion. Footwear is an essential component of any outfit, and students at NHP Memorial are adapting their choice of shoes to keep warm during this winter season. Some of the latest footwear trends include wearing laced-up combat boots such as Doc Martens, slouchy knee-high boots and loafers. These shoes have been popularized through social media applications, such as TikTok, with the #docmartens tag having about 1.2 billion views. 

“Based on my social media platforms, I see ads that are drawn to my attention such as Uggs and high rise boots,” health teacher Ms. Rizzuti said.

“Based on what I see online, I really want to get some loafers because of how cozy they look,” sophomore Arvin Ghai said. “The material inside of the loafers keeps your feet warm which is really helpful during the winter time.”

Many other popular choices in footwear this winter season are remnants from previous years. Timberlands and combat boots are examples of this; they have remained a common footwear choice amongst NHP students.

“I find combat boots to be especially pleasing during the winter due to their aesthetic exterior yet warm interior,” junior Nowra Khan said. 

Other fashion examples taken from social media include the fluffy croc and moon boots. While these shoes are not as popular in NHP’s halls, many students consider them an admirable fashion choice. 

“Fluffy crocs are beneficial because they can keep your feet warmer, and they feel much more cozier than having to wear two to three layers of socks. Also, I can’t help but comment on the beautiful appearance of the crocs,” junior Isabella Kerwin said.

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Students in NHP Memorial model popular winter footwear options such as Uggs and Crocs.

Many winter fashion trends are also carried over from the fall season. This is because both seasons have low temperatures, so warm fall footwear can also be worn during winter. One footwear item that has been popularized by social media is the Converse sneaker

“I like wearing Converse during the winter because it covers my ankles. I only wear the high tops because they are the only shoes that go with every outfit I wear,” junior Jaimy Matthew said.

From combat boots to fluffy crocs, this winter season has brought an onslaught of new footwear trends. NHP students are excited to see this transition in fashion as the coldest season of the year arrives. 


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