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NHP Welcomes New Staffers

By Linda Cheung and Navpreet Singh

This year, the Sewanhaka Central High School District hired 31 new staff members and teachers. Due to the many teachers announcing their retirement last year, new educators have joined the New Hyde Park community.

English and ENL

Rebecca Sansotta Joseph Ryan

“Everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful, and I feel very welcomed by all of the students, teachers, and staff,” said English teacher Mr. Ryan.

Megan Keane Ronan Ryan


Fateema Saleem Jamianne Pullan Gianna Romanelli

Math Chairperson

“I appreciate the diversity I see within the school everyday I walk down the halls, loving that as a former graduate of this district I see how far we have come and know we will go even further,” said math teacher Ms. Saleem.

“Being able to have all of my students in the same room and watch them interact with their peers is truly an uplifting experience,” said math teacher Ms. Romanelli.


Luciana Lombardo

“Students are always willing to help me tackle technology problems. The teachers, security guards, guidance counselors, and so many more have all been willing to answer any questions I have,” said science teacher Ms. Lombardo.


Thomas Mitchell Gabriella Cardinale Abigail Tenecela

“I’ve been lucky enough to be around great counselors, teachers and staff who have been a tremendous help through my first year as a school counselor,” said guidance counselor Ms. Tenecela.

Physical Education & FACS

Patrick Maguire

Physical Education Chairperson

“As an alum of NHP (‘01), I am extremely proud to have come ‘home.’ I look forward to dedicating my professional life to the students of New Hyde Park,” said physical education, health and FACS chairperson Mr. Maguire.

Special Education & TA's

Benjamin Krauz Cynthia Nieman Eric Kern


Anne Marie Sara Zeppieri- Krista Virga
Constantinou Cervini

Business Chairperson

“Everyone from students to staff have been welcoming and helpful. Every day I learn something new about our school. I appreciate all the celebrations that are held to recognize both students, staff and the community from the 9/11 memorial to the current breast cancer awareness activities,” said business teacher Ms. Constantinou.


Jessica Corso

World Language

Luis Montoya Simone Martell

Many teachers stated their appreciation for how welcoming students, staff, and other teachers have been towards their transition into the school.

“My new teacher Mrs. Hungria is very lovely and such a creative teacher… We welcomed her to the school and got to know each other at the beginning of the year, and if she got any questions regarding tech, our fellow students would help out,” said sophomore Ysabel Valverde.

“It’s great that we have new faculty on board this year. Given that it is my senior year at NHP, I wish that I had more time to get to know the new teachers and guidance counselors. But, since they have already done a great job of acclimating to the school, I know that will continue making NHP a great experience for the younger grades,” said senior Emma Ouyang.

Welcome to NHP!


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