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Glads Gone "Mad"

By Jacob Varghese

As March Madness kicked off for college basketball, it also happened at NHP. March Madness is a college basketball tournament with teams fighting for the honor of being the champions. NHP wanted to have some fun by hosting its own “Gladiator Madness," a competition for the seventh graders between the blue team and the white team with activities in and out of classes. This kicked off with some sports in the gym such as tug of war, basketball free throwing, a freeze dance contest and many other activities.

Source by Ms. Mary Kay Mannle

The seventh graders took part in numerous games and collaborative activities, giving them the chance to meet new people.

“The tug of war was my favorite because my class won,” seventh grader Mark Lou said.

Source by Ms. Mary Kay Mannle

NHP's mascot entertains seventh graders during Gladiator Madness closing ceremonies.

There were in-class competitions and activities, as well. Math classes hosted Pi Day, where contests included pie eating, reciting the digits of pi and a circumference calculation contest. In science classes, there was an egg drop competition, where students built a contraption for an egg and then dropped it from the third floor. Points were earned for eggs that survived the fall. In English, students were given a reading log and tried to read as many minutes as they could during the week of Gladiator Madness. In addition, students donated spare change and money to the Make a Wish Foundation. They ended up reading a total of 31,372 minutes and donated $1,518.18. In social studies, students created t-shirt designs for field day shirts. This event also was worth many points for the competition.

Both students and teachers shared thoughts about the “Madness.”

“My favorite event was Pi Day because there were many activities like the pi reciting and pie eating which was really fun and exciting,” seventh grader Jacob Boldur said.

"Gladiator Madness is a fun-filled week of activities in the four main core subjects, where students enjoy a friendly competition," seventh grade math teacher and white team leader Ms. Fox said. "The students use their knowledge in these subjects to earn points and participate in activities where they need to work together to win. Our seventh grade students work hard all year long and enjoy this week of competitions to let loose and have fun."

“All of the teachers were excited to bring Gladiator Madness back to NHP after a two year hiatus," seventh grade science teacher and blue team leader Ms. Sideridis said. "I think the whole thing was a great success and the departmental events were awesome. Kids were able to engage in team building as well as athletic events. I personally know kids didn’t want it to end. The only thing that bummed me out was that the white team won by one point. Go blue team!”

Gladiator Madness is an event that will be remembered for the class of 2027.


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