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“Love it or List it”: The Library

By King Henry VI

Have you ever wondered why the library is always so comfortable and inviting? Almost as inviting as a home? Pleasingly warm in the winter, refreshingly cool in the summer, and never humid or dry. Many have proposed their assumptions, saying administrators keep it comfortable for the sleeping students, but in reality, the librarians live in the library.

Whether or not you choose to believe this shocking disclosure, the truth remains that at the end of the day while the teachers and staff go home, the librarians do not. They simply lock the doors, and get ready for the night. As alarming as this may seem, it’s a naturally occurring phenomenon that happens in libraries all across the nation. It’s a fact that librarians are privy to as well, with many of them understanding that living in their workplace is just a normal trade-off that comes with the job.

“It’s just another aspect of the job that you grow to love,” librarian Lisa Kudrow said.

“It took me a while to get used to, but I can’t imagine myself living anywhere else,” librarian Courtney Cox said.

It makes sense, really. Standard public school libraries have anywhere from ten to fifteen thousand books in their inventory, and an average of 3 librarians to keep track of that collection. All the logging, categorizing, and organizing librarians do with the heaps of books in the library would never get done if they clocked out at 3 P.M. like the rest of the staff. As intensive as it is, it’s not surprising that their job calls for some after hours care.

Source by Gregory Marzano

The librarians' beds are set up for the night.

“I heard that if you pull some books out in the right order, the bookshelf slides open and behind it shows their bedrooms,” Junior Matthew Perry said.

“If you wait in the library just as the clock is changing from 2:59 to 3, you can actually see the kitchen and living room emerging out of the carpeted floor,” freshman Matt LeBlanc said.

While there has been some backlash with the Sewanhaka Federation of Teachers union having issues with the school’s librarians being expected to reside in the library, all concerns were dropped when the librarians’ living quarters were revealed.

“An initial concern of mine when I heard about this was that the school library couldn’t provide housing suitable enough for an individual to live in, but upon seeing many pictures of what the library looks like after hours, I stand corrected,” union leader Jonathan Novak said.


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