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Kim Kardashian's 'Tycoon of the Year' Title: Breaking Gender Norms or Publicity Stunt?

By Rasandi Fernando

Kim Kardashian made headlines when she was seen on the GQ "Men of the Year" issue alongside the title "Tycoon of the Year." Her appearance as the cover star made many people wonder about how appropriate Kim Kardashian's inclusion in a traditionally male accolade was.

Source by Guneet Hanjra

Kim Kardashian is one of the most influential women of the past decade.

Kim Kardashian has made recent steps to elevate her career, including the launch of a men's SKIMS line and her role as the NBA's underwear provider, all of which led to her being named "Tycoon of the Year." Despite these accomplishments, many questions were raised, with people wondering how fair her selection for this award was.

“She has been acknowledged for her accomplishments multiple times, so I don’t think it has much significance for her, however, if it were given to a lesser-known figure, it would have had a much bigger impact. It could have given that person more exposure and more opportunities,” junior Evyn Roliz said.

The controversy regarding her selection came when she posted on Instagram with the caption "Hi! I'm the GQ Man of the Year!” which made many people think that she had been awarded the "Man of the Year” title, creating confusion.

“As the tycoon Kim is, she attracted the attention of the media and made a bold statement,” art teacher Ms. Crimi said. “Kim revamped her image as a businesswoman and displayed her satirical business tactics by being presented as 'Man of the Year.'”

Now people are debating whether her accolade was a publicity stunt by the magazine, while others argue that featuring Kim Kardashian breaks gender norms and highlights her businesses' popularity across the world, and others dismiss the "Man of the Year" issue as just for entertainment purposes.

“It is understandable because there are still a lot of people who believe in these societal norms and also since the award is called 'Man of the Year,'” sophomore Nayana Kabir said. “Everyone has different perspectives on this, especially in the world we live in."

Celebrities like Dwyane Wade, Jacob Elordi, and Chloë Bailey voiced support for Kim Kardashian. Dwyane Wade commended her in an interview with E! News, saying that "she represents a lot of things that we all wish to represent, right? She represents family, and she presents a work ethic. She represents incredible business acumen. She represents so many different things, and she does it with grace."


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