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Kickin' at K. Pacho

By Tessa Cherian and Priya Persaud

On Friday evening, May 13, 2022, students in New Hyde Park Memorial’s junior class were able to temporarily relinquish their academically rigorous duties and relish a night filled with good food, music, dancing, photos, and fun at the junior prom. After almost two years of school activities being canceled due to COVID-19, this year’s junior prom was an unforgettable experience for many students at New Hyde Park.

Starting off the 2021-22 school year, many juniors were excited to experience a prom, since everyone’s lives seemed to have skipped two years worth of large school-related functions. Uncertainty clouded many minds, but finally, there was confirmation in late March that junior prom would take place at K. Pacho, a local Mexican restaurant. Many juniors were excited when they found out that they would be having a prom.

“I was so excited for junior prom! It was so much fun getting all dressed up for a school event,” junior Anneliese Park said.

Source by Anna Detke

Julia Fulgieri, Anna Detke, Isabella Prada, Ishita Bansal, Julia Esposito, Caley Caleca, Adrianna Gomes and Alison Leontis smile with excitement before going to junior prom.

Upon arrival at the venue, pop music was played from the dance floor, filling the rooms with an upbeat and lively atmosphere. Since everyone was eager to get on the dance floor and dance along to their favorite songs, the venue became somewhat filled. Nonetheless, the dispersion of juniors back to their tables deescalated the crowded feeling.

“The venue was nice, but it felt slightly crowded. I think that is just because I hadn’t been to any party of that sort in a while. I also loved the music, especially when they took our suggestions,” junior Simrit Kaur said.

From pizza and mozzarella sticks to chicken sliders, party goers were able to enjoy the evening with a variety of food. The buffet presented some of the foods that K-Pacho is notable for, such as a build-your-own taco station and numerous pasta dishes. Moreover, while everyone was seated at their tables, they could bask in the simple, yet stunning decorations of the venue.

“I had a lot of fun at junior prom! The decorations were perfect, and the food was amazing. Everyone was just really happy to be together again and have a night full of dancing and fun,” junior Madison Thompson said.

In addition, students had access to professional photography upon arrival and check-in with their dates where they could take pictures in front of a golden backdrop. This service was open throughout the majority of the night, and many people went as groups to take pictures. At the end of the night, they retrieved the fully printed pictures and were able to take them home.

Source from Tessa Cherian

Juniors Alyssa Hardeen, Kushpreet Ahuja, Irene Paul, Tessa Cherian and Elizabeth George celebrate a night to remember by using the photo booth.

“I took at least three pictures using the professional photography area. They came out so good, especially since they came in a cute paper frame. The pictures will always be in my room, and will remain as a reminder of the best night I’ve had this year,” junior Irene Paul said.

Not only has junior prom brought about good feelings among the junior class, but it has also raised expectations for senior prom. As aforementioned, the concern over the small size of the junior prom venue has been very prevalent. As a result, many hope that senior prom will be at a much bigger, and even fancier venue.

“I’m actually hoping that the venue for senior prom will be bigger than this one. K. Pacho’s venue wasn’t that big, and sometimes, it felt like there were just too many people in one place. I'm definitely crossing my fingers for next year,” junior Ruth Solomon said.

On the more emotional aspect of junior prom, many juniors felt that prom signified a return back to normalcy. For the first time, about 200 juniors were partying it up in one building without the fears that were brought about by the pandemic. For one thing, many juniors see this as a bigger reason to call junior prom “a night to remember.”

“Having a normal high school event provides a sense of security, especially since prom is one of those events that you look forward to for all of high school. It was great to see everyone together and have a normal night full of memories,” junior Madison Reilly said.

Ultimately, without a doubt, junior prom was a long-awaited and successful event for the Class of 2023. The combination of getting ready, dancing, delicious food, and pictures genuinely made it a memorable night for all those who attended. Now, more than ever, juniors are eagerly awaiting their next big event: senior prom.


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