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Keeping It In The Family: Umberto Publicizes Its Ownership of Pronto

By Vishnu Suresh and Derek Yang

Angoletto's has been a neighborhood go-to place for a crispy slice of pizza, savory garlic knots and classic Italian cuisine. In recent weeks, it has gone through a major transition from Angoletto’s to Pronto's, which includes many new changes to the local favorite and the overall business. 

“I don’t understand why they changed the restaurant name to Pronto’s,” junior Harkirat Singh said. “The name Angoletto’s just sounded more warm, inviting and fitting for a name for a traditional style restaurant and pizzeria, especially since it has so many nostalgic memories for those in New Hyde Park.”

Some noticeable physical changes in the newly formed Pronto’s include modern renovations. According to many customers, these renovations in the restaurant hall help create a fine-dining experience. 

“I’m going to miss Angoletto's, but Pronto’s gives off a more modern vibe, and I still plan on eating there since they kept the pizza everyone in the neighborhood grew to love," junior Max Josue said.

Source by Alvin Paul

Following ownership change to Umberto's, Angoletto's facade ultimately remained unchanged, while the interior received a modern renovation.

However, the transformation of Pronto’s was not an immediate change to ownership under Umberto’s; the partnership has been present for a very long time. According to the workers, Angoletto’s and Umberto's have partnered since 1989. They had agreed to a deal in which Umberto Corteo of Umberto's had a 20% stake and the SBARRO Corporation had an 80% stake in Angeletto’s. 

Furthermore, the name change to Pronto’s, which had been in discussion for the past three years, has only appeared recently due to the need for increased traffic after the pandemic. According to many, the restaurant looks more appealing, and it seems that business has improved with this increased traffic. A worker at Pronto’s provided great insight into the effects of the new transition.

“I feel that the recent change in the restaurant has been great, as the renovation has led to a more comfortable work environment for me. The day-to-day business has definitely increased; more customers are coming in, there is better customer service, and overall there is more traffic," a Pronto’s worker said.

With the new change of an old-time favorite rebranding to fit with a more modern style, the new Pronto’s has been a topic of discussion. Some are critical of the major rebrand, while others are accepting the implementation of a new business that will continue to spread its classic cheese pizza across New Hyde Park.


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