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It's-A-Go For Nintendo

By Julia Kim and Rachel Jacob

Opening February 17, 2023, Universal Studios’ Super Nintendo World in Hollywood, California, has attracted the attention of avid video game lovers from across the world. The theme park features familiar characters like Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach on rides such as “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge” and in restaurants including the Toadstool Cafe. Highlighting a variety of appetizing plates, Nintendo World allows park-goers to enjoy a plethora of dishes such as “Super Mushroom Soup,” “Piranha Plant Caprese” and “Princess Peach Cupcake.” Additionally, park-goers may sightsee various landmarks including Mount Beanpole and Bowser’s Castle.

“I’ve been playing some form of a Nintendo console for as long as I can remember,” NHP Heroes club adviser Mr. Freiberg said. “My older brother had an SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), and I’d use it to play Super Mario Bros 3. I had every iteration of the Gameboy and 3DS. I have a lot of fond memories gathering around a Wii for some competitive bowling. Each console brings me back to a period in my life. I love the universality of Nintendo. It’s everywhere and people all around the world are connected through their love for iconic characters and stories.”

Artwork by Saffah Azeem

Many Nintendo lovers have high expectations for Universal Studios' video game theme park.

Some Nintendo fans predict that fan-favorites such as Luigi, Kirby and Animal Crossing will be introduced to the theme park in the near future. Currently, Super Mario is the primary video game series featured at Nintendo World.

“I would love to see the different bosses from Mario other than Bowser,” freshman Arvin Ghai said. “I think that would be super cool. I hope to see extreme detail all over the park, and I would love to see different kinds of Mario in his different forms.”

Super Nintendo World’s opening launches Nintendo into a new era as they compete with other companies, such as Disney and Sony. The new theme park aims to provide an immersive experience for members of the Nintendo fandom to experience the games they have come to love.

“I play Nintendo a lot,” sophomore Simarbir Athwal said. “Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart are just two of the many Nintendo games I enjoy playing. Playing the games I adore gives me a dopamine surge with every button I press. The games are exciting, entertaining and exhilarating.”

Ultimately, many video game lovers are excited to see a physical representation of beloved characters at Universal Studios Hollywood. Some fans anticipate a variety of games to be introduced to the theme park in the near future.


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