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Introducing the Class of 2029: NHP Welcomes Generation Alpha

By Evyn Roliz

Gen Alpha has risen to internet infamy as a technologically-dependent generation. The generation, which consists of the NHP’s Class of 2029, is currently the youngest on Earth. 

Gen Alpha consists of students who were born from 2010 to 2024. The students at NHP who were born during or after 2009 are a part of Gen Z. Many have pointed out that the current Gen Alpha students were born in a time in which technology and social media usage are at an all-time high. Gen Z was born around the same time that the first ever iPhone was released, while Gen Alpha has been born during a time in which the iPhone is an everyday tool for most Americans. Since Gen Alpha has stepped into the junior high classrooms, some teachers have noticed a shift in the classroom environment. 

“They are much less social than previous generations,” math teacher Mrs. Fox said. 

Mrs. Fox teaches both seventh grade pre-algebra and eleventh grade pre-calculus. The main shift that she has noticed is the stark difference in the level of social interaction in which the students partake. 

However, Mrs. Fox is not the only person to notice this difference. Gen Alpha has been labeled as a technologically dependent generation, which has been attributed to a lack of social skills. 

“The main difference I see from Gen Z and Gen Alpha is that Gen Z is familiar with speaking in person, having meetings in offices and spending the day by being outside or with friends. Gen Alpha is always inside the house, on the phone talking to friends or playing,” seventh grader Brianna Varghese said. 

Source by Alvin Paul

Many members of Gen Alpha are immersed in technology, their primary source of content being social media trends.

This frequent use of technology and social media has led to the rise of many new internet trends and memes. The notorious “skibidi toilet” meme has gained 155 million views on YouTube alone and has since been expanded into a series with over 70 separate videos. This internet humor has been widely recognized as unique to Gen Alpha

However, some Gen Z students in NHP suggest that society rethinks its quick judgment of Gen Alpha, given that Gen Z also grew up with significant access to technology. 

“When compared to other generation trends, it’s not very strange. All generations have their own types of trends that can also be viewed as strange, just depending on how you interpret them. Some trends that are for Gen Z can be seen as strange to our parents,” sophomore Nayana Kabir said. 

Members of Gen Alpha, or the mini millennials, have experienced a childhood primarily filled with technological services, especially due to the increase of remote tools due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has influenced their behaviors and attributes, resulting in their primary characteristic being their widespread presence in social media. When this generation matures during their adolescence, there may be distinctive shifts in their characterization. As of now, Gen Alpha’s infamy in social media platforms shapes their reputation. 


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