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I am joening the “ “[“,, New Hide’s prAnks “,,charnot’s’s’’ Nemspapr as “{ Supports’s edi tar”;

By Quen Elbet

logeng en To the cocmaputer

& Configuraton requiared:

  • Verify racapcher youres Nonr; a- robonts


Failed Repchter

Usarnem e: quin of in glen / Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alex

Pansward: Charbnles1983

Incocrecte pantsesword Try agen


Sumces loges

Henalo Evrebd”doy is the Quiens of the Uneded kine kgdom herarh todany Aned iHaveVERY Specsh’elle Newis fou4r revrybidy.

I am joening the “ ““,, New Hide’s prAnks “,,charnot’s’s’’ Nemspapr as “{ Supports’s edi tar”;

  • Thies means I wiall be editig Artcalls bout pemople visatig supporting arenas (Meat life stay dium , city field ., Ya knee stodiam, Berkeley’s C’entr), pempole Waching Supports genmes liker fotbal, sock her && Gulf

  • Peolmle Evn PLAYIG Supports liker New Hide p;ranks/ Soft bawl’s Tem :; , New height porks’ trak. even,

    • UNfotrunely, I, quienbeith of Secord II) unbrle to participae in supportig activies Becros to old an d fragile to movnv arond, jumpeg up ^& don, run in aroud, caging bawl/ trowig boll, hit in bowls, bowling balws,

    • but crentainely can Edit artcalls Bout tem “ so less gEt ter Strated

, google,.Com has cresehd in the abcgkround
  • Quit applicatin

okaye: openig (Website;s Editar Wbesite the chanpiot editares usse (dats’ a Cherien ) , (Fea churt’s Editmor ) , Some earth Jani (( entheir tamnd editar) , + denatūré (edotr of chefs)

Guys whant the Damn hel is this Not working

  1. Whiscks are graetn for cookeig and barking cookys and bastries Their are many tymps of Wipes like”

5. Dough / French Whis, Kettle wimps, Flat wick's

Updaorte: I haver been Information by Mary Key monley “ “”@ visor) that The Truen domane of Wbesit is .;:Wix”.com

Oke Im’m supucesfly Locanted the webeisit



I am ein TEARS Aftr thse Hororiofyig discover’rery, the enrtre world (Yes, evren the asias+ afriencs, south Emriess, North Mericks, ustrailia ((NOT JUS t Untied kisdom), thinker:

  1. QUEN IS DIED?!!!

GUyrs,Thiss are all Some biggest; Jonk right”>?? OF crouse quiesliebth is Not died


QIUEENS' rite herar, behind computar, writieing chanpiot’s artiqal for the “NEW HYDE PAR’’LK

  • kindleborks Has crushed in the bagrund

CHANPTIOS NEWPEPR !!! HOW: How, How, teller me, telmre , convinch, me : how QUENSdied??!??

Your all eve n Maker “ARTH for mine's funurel

Im’ve Had, enogf,.. IM delretig this artcal, nonneed to sprend more Misses Informtion on intreweb, its v e ry powerfunl thig, and yes, evnn quen knows tha one

GUY I Thrink I Clieck wrog THIG

  • Evrythus Disepeiring Om god,

  • iev madr granv misgatke

Some earth jani is disaperig behnhind my eyes, l Money k maney is disaperig, denatur is Gone,

Racket's hong is gon, e , ,, Pheon'aoh really , joule"; epso sito . ; everyson gon, all artcells, gone

I am deply soary for all the trolebal i Haver cause, i thenk is tim for quein to forfat posoton as sUSpport's Edmotr \\\


Qie Elistbs; The Secrd (IV))


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