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How to Cheat the Right Way

By Divya Gottiparthy

Source by Hannah Kim

The age old method of cheating is both effective and thought provoking. Don't forget to hide your fingers, and know how to.

First comes first, cheating is morally wrong, and you should probably not do it. Teachers continually say that when students cheat they are just cheating themselves, and they progressively wouldn’t make it in the future. However, it helps them achieve excellent academic results simply with no stress at all. To successfully get away with it, you need preparation. It can be challenging. Novices use desperate attempts to skip the learning process entirely to get the top results on an exam. While clever learners come up with unparalleled ideas and amazing techniques, learn how to slip through with a high grade, and with no stress.

Here is a complete guide to cheating your way through school, and the right way.

The traits that you must master:

  • Clarity

  • Efficiency

  • Convenience

Don’t make it too complicated or an elaborate skeem drafted out on a napkin. Cheating effectively needs the proper analysis of the situation. Investigate the tactics of the teacher, and pick a moment to pull out the cheat sheet. Master the poker face, and keep it cool when questioned. Normally emotions betray students when they are questioned, so Phil Ivey it - play on and evade.

Come up with something different even, not all modern techniques to manipulate results of a standardized test score have been seen, or are effective, so create more. Some impressive and creative strategies include:

  1. Write answers / formulas on desk: Although you have to plan ahead of time what information you want to write down, it is effective, if you can’t recall a certain piece of information because of its length or complexity. Write it on the desk, small and light, but still a distance where you can stretch out and cover it with your palm or paper if an instructor walks by.

  2. The water bottle trick: Easy and pretty well known but still clever. All you need to do is to write the test answers, formulas, terms, etc. on the back of your water bottle label. Similar to the previous technique, prepare all the necessary content, comments, solutions, and answers to write. And it’s a small space so make sure to take that into account.

  3. Stick answers on clothes or in sleeves: Print information, or cheat chest beforehand, and stick these sheets up your sleeve, or on your clothes. After you do this though, make sure to destroy all evidence.

  4. The hidden side of your hood or hat: This is a pretty unusual way to get away with cheating. This works the best with hats, but can also work with hoods. Make sure to make the text placed underneath the flap of the hat unseen to anyone who walks by.

  5. Small text on your fingernails, and hands: Nail art is quite popular, and writing text or small snippets onto your fingernails is a nice way to get away with cheating. Math and physics formula art is still fashionable nowadays.

  6. Get a tattoo of the answers: If you're sixteen or older you can legally get a tattoo with a parent’s permission. So tattoo the tiny notes on your wrist, or a visible portion of your body during the test. Who knows maybe you will get good use of the information in the future.

So apply your creative skills to solve test questions with ease. You will eventually make it.


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