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Highlights From Home

By Nasheed Choudhury

Just as spring was about to bloom, the school year was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic taking the world by storm. Swamped by the difficulties of remote learning and overall paranoia engulfing the masses, a lot of prospective plans fell through.

Although forced into an unfavorable situation, many New Hyde Park students found the light at the end of the tunnel and made the best of what was given to them.

Sources from Sophia Lin, Julia Si, and Olivia Wong

Seniors Isabella Le and Sophia Lin wear masks in Dunkin' Donuts; the pandemic allowed for many people to bake and find their creative side in the kitchen.

Source by Ari Boldur

Many students also took part in activities where they could be outside, such as biking.

Source from Alyssa Kim

Although many restaurants shut down indoor dining, several students took to ordering food and going to places such as parks to hang out with friends while munching on snacks.


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