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Harden Hampers Fantasy League

By Ved Trivedi

Kareem to the Lakers, James to the Heat, Durant to the Warriors, and Garnett to the Celtics; these blockbuster trades created superteams that shifted the balance of the league and went on to win championships. Recently, James Harden was traded to the Nets. Although the Nets may have lost some depth on the bench, it can be argued that three of this era's greatest offensive threats will all be on one team. With these new additions of Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Harden, the Nets pose a threat to the top team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Even though Harden was expected to be traded, the news shocked the sports world. The Nets went from being a threat in the East to a surefire championship contender. From the players to the fans, there was much to be said about the trade.

Washington Wizards player Bradley Beal summarized the trade in one strong word: “WOW.” And Portland Trail Blazers player Damian Lillard said, “That’s a lot of firepower.”

Washington Wizards player Bradley Beal summarized the trade in one strong word: 'WOW.'

With the new Nets team, there is a new level of talent on the roster. This brand new “Big Three” group seems to have dribbling, passing, scoring, and shooting down pat. However, could this be their downfall? Irving, Durant, and Harden have all been praised for their offensive abilities, as well as their ability to utilize the ball. Despite these advantages, there has been much controversy whether or not the new “Big Three” can properly share the ball in order to efficiently and effectively score.

“Without a doubt, the Nets are a great team with three superstars. It all comes down to whether the players and the staff manage to play these three correctly in order to create a great, unstoppable offense,” said senior Filippo Taravella.

As the season continues, fans hope to see the Brooklyn Nets develop and learn to make their weaknesses their greatest strengths.

Reproduced with permission from Wikimedia Commons

James Harden is known as one of the top players in the NBA.

“The issues of the Nets lie within their defense. When they traded away Jarrett Allen, Caris Levert, and Tauren Prince, they lost great core players and defenders. Harden, Kyrie, and Durant are not well known for their defensive talent which may, in the long run, lead to their downfall,” said senior David Son.

A big part of the NBA season, for many fans, is the fantasy league; players who have good stats generate high fantasy points. Although the Nets became better team player-wise, the superstars Irving and Durant may have to take a smaller role on the team. Having another teammate that can drop 30 points on any given night means that they will be scoring fewer points for a fantasy team. Fantasy league players who drafted any of the three superstars are not happy. These superstars will definitely drop in statistics and, as a result, generate fewer fantasy points.

With this new dynasty, the Nets have an immeasurable amount of skill and talent; however, there are many flaws with their current team. Many are hopeful that throughout the season, the Nets will improve, work on covering their weaknesses and allow their offensive capabilities to shine.


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