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Handful of Hand Sanitizer

By The Green Letter J

Have u walked through the buildings and seen the large jugs of hand sanitizer placed throughout classrooms? The main thought is to use it to clean your hands, but with what seems like a never ending amount, students in NHP have found many creative uses for it. Desk cleaner floor polish anything u need can be accomplished by using our schools hand sanitizer. After interviewing many students throughout NHP we have decided to anonymously share uses in order to enlighten the student body on how to really use this magic gel that we have copious amounts of.

Source By: Vincent Van Gogh Janmak Saji

The many different uses of hand sanitizer discovered by students in the building.

“I walked into school and realized I forgot to put my contacts in at home. Just when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to see for the day, I realized I could use hand sanitizer as eye drops. I have 20/20 vision now!”

“I bought a salad from the school cafeteria in between classes, and when I started eating it I realized it was dry. Just when I thought about throwing it away, my friend told me to use some hand sanitizer as dressing. It was delicious!”

“I was super late so I ran to school completely forgetting to wear my makeup. I was so sad but then I had the great idea of using hand sanitizer instead of foundation. Everyone said I was glowing!”

“I was walking home late when a car was almost about to hit me. I was scared but remembered that I brought home some hand sanitizer. I used some on the wheels and the car stopped completely. It saved my life!”

“Mr. Vedder asked us to make a small sculpture for class as homework. I completely forgot about it and thought I was gonna get a zero when I thought to use hand sanitizer to make one. He said my sculpture was better than Michaelangelo!”

As you can see, their are many uses for the large tubs of hand sanitizer throughout our school. Next time u see it u should remember that it has more uses than just to clean ur hands.


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