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Glad for the Guidance

By Samarth Jani

Ms. Cookler and Mr. Barbieri have both dedicated numerous years assisting students and guiding them through class scheduling or answering any of their concerns regarding school, or anything for that matter. Though some are sad to see part of the NHP family go, it is a great time to reflect on their impact here at NHP.

Sources by Anna Detke

Ms. Cookler and Mr. Barbieri are both long-time gladiators of the guidance department, now saying farewell to NHP.

Ms. Cookler has been the Chairperson of Pupil Personnel Services for 13 years. She has shown immense dedication to this school, and it definitely does not go unnoticed. She stresses the importance of hard work and determination and instills that in her students.

“My favorite memory was when I had a student who struggled academically to graduate; it brought such feelings of pride and resonated with me regarding how hard work truly pays off,” Ms. Cookler said.

She has always encouraged students and her fellow faculty to continue to foster their own success, while simultaneously uplifting others.

“My advice for students and faculty is to continue to work hard, follow the golden rule: collaboration is a key component to success,” Ms. Cookler said.

Likewise, Mr. Barbieri has dedicated his time, spanning decades, as a guidance counselor at NHP to inspire and guide the students of the white team to become the best version of themselves.

“Mr. Barbieri helped me a lot during the transition from seventh to eighth grade. His advice about classes really helped me prepare for high school,” eighth grader Rahel Zachariah said.

Mr. Barbieri has made it a mission to ensure students have a safe place to talk about what they are feeling and are safe to express themselves as they are. He’s prioritized the mental health of students, encouraging them to take care of themselves the best that they can.

“I advise students to make sleep, proper nutrition and exercise a priority. You’ll be happier and have the energy to perform your best both in and out of school,” Mr. Barbieri said.

As NHP reflects upon the incredible careers of these two fixtures at New Hyde Park Memorial, many find their commitment to shape the next generation of leaders inspiring.

Mrs. Cookler and Mr. Barbieri have made an impact on countless students’ lives...

“They have really helped me through my time in high school. Without having some sort of guidance, I’d probably be so lost,” junior Mohammed Adam said.

While many students’ associations to Mr. Barbieri are through the guidance department, he also provides support beyond the classroom. He is an encouraging coach on the volleyball court, serving as the junior varsity volleyball coach.

“My favorite memory with Barbieri was after our last game last year. We finished our season undefeated in matches and sets. He looked so happy for us and it honestly felt so great," junior Kristen Schneider said. "When I found out he was retiring, I was honestly really sad. Barbieri was the coach that made me a middle blocker, and I owe all of my success in my volleyball career to him. I’m going to miss him a lot. He was one of the most caring volleyball coaches I’ve ever had, and I’m going to miss seeing him all the time.”

“I feel very blessed and honored to have been given the opportunity to serve the students and families of my own community,” Mr. Barbieri said.

Their love for their jobs shines through their career moments, and the NHP family wishes them many more amazing experiences as they take their next steps in life.

“Through their over 60 years of service, Mrs. Cookler and Mr. Barbieri have made an impact on countless students' lives. I will never forget the kind, caring individuals they are and all that they did for the students of New Hyde Park Memorial High School,” Dr. Faccio said.

Students and teachers throughout the school community wish Mr. Barbieri and Mrs. Cookler farewell as they enter retirement.


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