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Forgotten Habits

By Rachel Houng

The New Hyde Park Memorial High School community is back in the building. Students have shared various anecdotes where they truly began to remember how everything functioned when things were “normal.” With everyone back in the school, Gladiators have expressed how happy they are as they slowly begin to realize what it feels like to be back.

Along with the excitement of being back, a sense of disorder has also taken over for many students. They have revealed how many wrong turns that they have made when attempting to get to class. Younger students who were fully remote have evidently struggled figuring out where they need to be, since they are unfamiliar with the school. Even the upperclassmen, especially those who were fully remote last year, have forgotten the location of hallways and classrooms.

“I missed the Sewanhaka bus twice because I was too used to my remote schedule...”

From the very first day, students have been told to use their lockers to ensure that they were not weighed down by their backpacks throughout the day. Students were able to take advantage of this until the pandemic hit; suddenly, they were no longer allowed to use their lockers. Now, students have reached the point where they do not even remember what locker number they had, as well as the combination needed to open their lockers.

Numerous students have addressed the difficult nature of changing habits that they developed while remotely attending school. They were so used to their remote schedules that they forgot what had been considered normal previous to the pandemic.

Artwork by Kristen Schneider

Many students, especially those who were remote, are having trouble opening their lockers.

“I missed the Sewanhaka bus twice because I was too used to my remote schedule,” said senior Laurence Lai.

Students also mentioned things that they have missed out on, including the lack of communication with peers throughout the past year, as well as the social and emotional connections created at school.

“I forgot what it was like to play live music in person. As someone who loves music and has people who are like brothers to me in the NHP music community, I didn’t realize that I took live music for granted until after COVID,” said senior Miranda Lin.

Upon carefully reflecting upon all the changes that students have experienced, the community hopes to establish a new “normal” once again. Students have discussed their opinions on being back in school and on simple everyday habits to which they have become accustomed. The New Hyde Park community continues to work towards adapting a new normal for the students and staff.


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