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Flip-Flopping into Fits

By Kaitlyn Bell and Zahra Mazkur

After a long wait, summer is finally here, and this year's fashion trends are coming in hot. Currently, there are numerous popular summer styles and looks, which leave room for creativity.

Recently, many students have been inspired by social media for their clothing styles. On TikTok, there are many influencers who forecast the trends that they believe will be popular for the summer. Some of these trends include crocheted items, “gas station sunglasses” and a lot of neon orange. Scrolling through the "For You" page, many teenagers get a glimpse of what is supposedly trendy and some take their advice. But while celebrities are a big influencing factor, due to the variety of options inherent in this year’s fashion trends, it’s clear that the look teens go for ultimately boils down to their specific preference and style.

“I feel as though social media apps, mainly TikTok, have a large influence on people's fashion and fashion sense,” sophomore Manal Rashid said.

On Instagram, denim has been very popular. Many celebrities and influencers are incorporating denim into their outfits and some are even wearing full denim outfits. Examples include denim vests, tops, skirts, dresses and pants.

On YouTube, a lot of creators are telling people to wear 2000s inspired outfits, meaning low-waisted jeans and big graphic tees. This simple but stylish outfit can also be paired with accessories such as charm filled necklaces, bracelets and rings. Many people have been layering jewelry to create a nostalgic summer look.

Source from @haobeads

Senior Shirley Chen shows off her handmade jewelry, a trending style coming into this year's summer.

Influencers are also staying up to date with the trends they see and are finding a lot of styles are reverting back to the ‘50s and beyond. Similar to TikTok’s predictions, many ‘80s inspired outfits that include crochet and neon tops along with chunky sunglasses and Converse have made their way back to the spotlight. Many have also been showing off their floral dresses and pastel colors for this upcoming season.

“One thing I love about the summer is all the endless outfit possibilities," sophomore Nicole Pappas said. "I get most of my inspiration from Matilda Djerf and her light summery style. She wears lots of linens and pastels which are perfect for the summer. An oversized button-down shirt is perfect for a relaxed beachy look. I also get inspiration from Ellie Thumann and her similar loose, but chic, summer look. I love summer fashion because a simple outfit goes a long way.”

Men’s fashion has also been predicted by magazines such as Vogue and GQ, who believe that there are a lot of trends coming back in style. For the humid weather, many suggest unique styles, such as sleeveless sweaters, graphic t-shirts and oversized shorts. Social media apps, such as Pinterest, recommend more formal wear in the form of button-up shirts and dress jackets. Many are also predicting chunky chains and layers are coming back into fashion for this upcoming season.

Source from Ivan Chu and Ingrid Chu

Junior Ivan Chu shows off his graphic tee, while senior Ingrid Chu takes photos in her floral dress.

“Summer is the most negotiable time of the year for fashion yet is still one of my favorites. On a casual occasion in the summer, I’d typically wear swimming trunks or shorts with a graphic tee. The choice for these clothes is influenced by the summer weather, pool and number of sports. On formal occasions, I’d typically wear either dress pants or dress shorts with a button-up shirt or polo shirt,” sophomore Brandon Noguera said. “I chose these combos because formal events in the summer provide a little leeway to stay formal, yet not have to overheat in full suits I’d typically wear in colder weather.”

While some pull inspiration from social media, some students find their aesthetic elsewhere. Students from NHP have been showing off their pastel colors and flower-patterned blouses, skirts, dresses and tops. Others have been flaunting their vintage graphic tees and light and interesting pants. Despite the heat, many are staying fashionable by utilizing bright colors, subtle designs and flowy fabric to match the summer vibes. In anticipation of the hot weather, many students have gotten their summer closets ready and are excited to kick out the dust on their bathing suits.

“I feel as though this year's fashion is going to be really good since this is the first summer we actually get to go out with few/no restrictions, so more people are starting to go out and everyone's style and fashion are gonna be really different,” seventh grader Bella Bodenhorn said.

“I get my inspiration from my family and friends. I’m feeling good about the warm weather because I get to wear shorts and bathing suits,” freshman Ava Orbon said.

“I’m really excited for the summer, and I think the summer fashion is so fun. I like to develop my fashion from Pinterest and what I think looks cool at the moment. I want to look like I just walked out of a Pinterest board during the summer! It took such a long time to get warm outside but now I can put my summer clothes to use,” sophomore Isabella Gomes said.


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