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Farewell Fantasy Football

By Aditya Nair and Nicholas Melo

The 2022-2023 fantasy football season has come to an end. The season had many ups and downs for those who played, and the teams that had the most points per position and total points were the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals. These were also the teams with the largest number of players.

People play fantasy football for a variety of reasons. Some play for fun while others compete for extra cash. Many experts attribute a good team to a good draft. Drafts may have both positive and negative outcomes. Many people wanted to change their players when they did not get what they expected. Russell Wilson’s score, for example, was about forty points lower than last year.

“I think I shouldn’t have gone with Tyreek Hill and Devonta Smith. I do understand that they are good, but there are better picks that I could have chosen,” seventh-grader Nicholas Vittelaro said.

Some players were not happy with the outcome of their season, but were satisfied with the season and the players’ performances as a whole. Students expressed their thoughts and opinions about their experiences.

“I found this a good season even though I did badly in my season. I did not have stable wide receivers and tight ends, but it was only my first season so I wasn't sure how to draft. But I also found many significant players in the draft: Christian McCaffrey and Joe Burrow. I also found many players that did well at the end of the season such as Jalen Hurts, AJ Brown and DK Metcalf,” seventh-grader Jonathan Mahes said.

“I found this season alright. There was a player that I thought was not getting the number of points they deserved and that was Steffon Diggs. I wish I was able to choose a different running back because I had Chase Edmonds, and when he was playing, he did not play well. I also thought Trevor Lawrance did well at the end of the season,” seventh-grader Justin Huang said.

Artwork by Saffah Azeem

Many people prefer playing fantasy football as opposed to other fantasy sports; 54% of fantasy participants play fantasy football.

For many, football has been the most popular fantasy sport. There are also fantasy games for other sports like baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer. For some, the reason that football is more popular and more played than other fantasy sports is because the NFL season is more manageable than other seasons, such as the more extensive MLB season, which plays 162 games. Although fantasy football may be more popular, some enjoy basketball more.

“The reason why I like fantasy basketball in comparison to fantasy football is that there is more of a competitiveness in this field, and I like to see my favorite basketball players perform to help me win intense games against my competition,” senior Zain Ali said.


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