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Falling Into New Fashion

By Aayan Ahmed

For the first time in a few years, fall fashion week returns with more innovation and engagement than before. Generally in the fashion industry, several events take place throughout the different seasons, with each expressing a distinctive craze for style. As in previous years, Vogue’s Fall Fashion Week features ambitious trends that may have never been seen before. Trends such as faux fur, statement piece footwear and the recycling of vintage clothing show that people are influenced by the rising popularity of an item. Fashion preferences differ from person to person, yet it can be agreed that it is a form of creative expression.

“I generally tend to follow the basic trends of fall fashion. For me, I like being comfortable in my outfits and don’t often follow ambitious trends,” sophomore Sahir Bhatia said.

Many students cope with the stress of school by opting for comfortable clothing rather than abiding by ambitious fashion trends. Though dressing comfortably is important, others like to incorporate their own sense of fashion by layering statement pieces or wearing fall footwear silhouettes.

“I don’t keep up with fall fashion, but fall is a unique time of the year where everything changes. Clothing has changed the most with fall: shorts to pants and t-shirts to long-sleeves. They call fall the sweatpants and sweatshirt season,” sophomore Dylan Sanichara said.

“I personally do not follow fall fashion trends. I feel as though fall is a time to dress comfortably and not have to worry about facing judgment for not keeping a style that comes and goes with the wind,” sophomore Alexander Tomalski said.

Fall fashion is unique from other seasons as it is a blend of neutral fashion and pioneering pieces. During Vogue's Fall Fashion Week, companies such as Ralph Lauren & Alexander McQueen showcased pieces that were handmade and used psychedelic colors to grasp the eye. Thomas Browne was a designer who displayed New York as misfit toys by making his looks eccentric, in order to express individuality and authenticity.

Artwork by Sabeena Ramdarie

Some students creatively express themselves while others opt for comfortable clothing in their daily life.

“I believe that these looks displayed by brands like Alexander McQueen and Thomas Browne are so distinctive that they can only be described as rare. They are meant to be worn by particular people that can fully appreciate the look and value of it," sophomore Devan Shah said. "As to why I believe I can never personally attend to these trends or aspiring silhouettes: I do appreciate looking, but only certain people can pull off such an astonishing look."

As fashion events continue to kickoff for the year, silhouettes and different tailored pieces continue to express an authentic ambiance that is appreciated by many.


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