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Do You Function Better When Dressed for Work?

By Andrew Canese

Source by Sydney Hargrove, @sydneysscrapbook

More and more students choose to stay in pajamas rather than dress up as they would for school, losing a sense of productivity for comfort.

During these unprecedented times where safety and social distancing have become primary public concerns, students and teachers have been forced to adapt to new methods of learning and educating. Students have the option of being fully remote or practice a more conventional schedule with the choices of hybrid or full-time instruction. Many students wear loungewear or even pajamas during their online classes. What does it truly mean to get dressed for work? While some may define casual wear as a buttoned-up shirt and jeans, others may see it as a simple hoodie and sweatpants.

“For me, getting dressed for work is wearing something appropriate that’s not pajamas,” said sophomore Caley Caleca.

“Personally, I dress the same regardless of whether I go into school or I’m online. I always think that dressing comfortably is the right move! Hoodies and leggings are my go-to, but the style is different for everyone,” said sophomore Priya Persaud.

Although the perception of what counts as work attire varies from person to person, the general question remains the same. Would dressing up for a normal day help one’s productivity? While many believe comfort matters more than feeling like you are at work, others believe that getting dressed in work attire will help them focus more on their studies or job. The debate has no clear answer and it depends on personal preferences.

“I believe wearing everyday clothes does indeed help, as it adds to the immersion and allows for some sense of normalcy, maintaining a consistent and productive mindset for teachers and students no matter where they are,” said sophomore Matthew Khan.

There are many positives and negatives when it comes to getting dressed for online school or work like one would on a normal day.


  • Students can feel more productive and get more work done.

  • People may be less likely to fall asleep during class or get distracted.

  • Starting the day with a normal routine can help with focus.


  • People may feel more uncomfortable during class.

  • Those who dress up may need to wake up earlier to get ready.

  • Outfits would not be seen by other people during online classes.

“I don’t think that getting dressed as you would a normal day for online school makes much of a difference. Then again, it could be different for other people,” added Caleca.

At the end of the day, whether or not getting properly dressed for online school helps people focus on their work differs among students. While some believe it does indeed help, others believe dressing up is either a waste of time or they would much rather prefer comfort while working.


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