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Disney Drops Dead?

By Rebecca McCorey

The spooky season has begun, and with it comes a slew of new Halloween movies.

Fans of the fall season were surprised this year when they heard the Black Flame Candle was going to be lit again. As of September 30 on Disney+, the iconic Sanderson Sisters have made their return to Salem in “Hocus Pocus 2.”

By Rebecca McCoreyh Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy take on their same roles as the witches. The protagonists, however, are new to the storyline. Becca and Izzy, played by Whitney Peak and Belinda Escobedo, are two best friends who love learning about Halloween folklore. When Becca’s birthday ritual goes wrong on the night of October 31, the duo becomes wrapped up in a mission to get rid of the mischievous witches for good.

“I thought the new movie was great! It was cool to see the infamous witches come back from the dead and haunt a new generation of kids," junior Olivia Tomalska said. "My favorite part was when they went into a Walgreens. It really shows what a fun modern twist it had on the Halloween classic. Although I still prefer the classic, I will definitely be watching this again throughout the rest of the spooky season.”

With Anne Fletcher directing the sequel instead of Kenny Ortega, the humor and dialogue is different and has a modern twist. For example, comic relief is seen in playing off current day technology to confuse the Sanderson Sisters. Some NHP students, however, do not feel fondly about the sequel.

“It was written like every terrible movie sequel ever… But other than that, I mean it was okay for the most part. The story was told pretty well,” freshman Joe Marino said.

"I liked the original better because in general, the first movie is always better, and because the second movie was not as much with the storyline of the first, it wasn't as interesting," eighth grader Gemma Spina said.

Along with “Hocus Pocus” sparking a series of mixed reactions, students have mixed feelings about the persistent end of Disney’s Monstober.

Disney Channel's Monstober was also a way kids could emerge in the Halloween spirit. It was an event put on every October which showcased series that had Halloween-themed episodes. The tradition began in 2005, but stopped airing after 2016.

Artwork by Shadia Zayer

When the Halloween season rolls around, the iconic Disney Channel logo changes to let viewers know what is coming.

“I grew up watching Monstober. Running home after elementary school and binge watching all of the shows was a staple in my life during October. The fact that it is no longer running is very sad,” senior Natalie Bak said.

“I haven’t heard of Monstober, but horror movies get me into the Halloween spirit,” freshman Aaryan Kapoor said.

Although Monstober does not air anymore, Disney+ has made streaming Halloween specials accessible. Showings such as “Jessie,” “Gravity Falls” and a multitude of others are located directly on the streaming service. Monstober has become nostalgic for the older kids and is unknown for the younger ones. Regardless, watching spooky television shows and movies remain ways to celebrate the holiday.


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