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Dilemma With Dahmer

By Morgan Oberwiler

Netflix’s new hit series, “Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” has taken the world by storm. The serial killer drama stars Evan Peters as the notorious Jeffrey Dahmer. The ten episodes are mainly told from the perspective of Dahmer’s victims and addresses the police’s lack of concern that had allowed the murderer to go on a 13-year killing spree.

The Ryan Murphy-produced series has been recognized for zoning in on how police officials failed the 17 victims who were predominantly LGBTQ and people of color. Additionally, the show dove into the racial injustices throughout the 1970s. The series discusses the police ineptitude involving the case, allowing Dahmer to get away with monstrous acts for as long as he did. Several occasions are displayed where Dahmer was caught, but then let go.

The series was effectively able to start many conversations regarding the bigger issue during Dahmer’s spree. Students of NHP feel the show successfully tackled the prejudices shown during the 1970s by the police.

“I think the new Dahmer series addressed the injustices during the time period," senior Aman Sinha said. "As you watch the show, you realize that if there wasn’t systemic racism, especially in the police force, Dahmer would have been caught a long time ago before he could do more harm. This is especially evident when he finally does get caught, and Dahmer’s neighbor says that the police never did anything, despite the number of times she had complained."

“I think that many individuals were truly unaware of the specific crimes or activities that Jeffrey Dahmer committed. Personally, I believe that they addressed the injustices, particularly the way the police ignored the black woman next door who had been aware for some time that something was wrong with Dahmer,” senior Anjali Patel said.

Artwork by Suha Tasfia

The skulls of victims found in Dahmer's home remain a contributor to his infamy.

With its eerie and informative plot, the Dahmer series was able to generate mass success. In the show's first week of airing, it was able to beat the record set by the 2021 series “Squid Game” for the most watched new Netflix series.

However, within the past few weeks, the show has faced backlash. It sparked controversy for profiting from the trauma suffered by those Dahmer murdered, alongside romanticizing him. Many students of NHP feel the series disrespected the victims and their families.

“I really enjoyed watching the new docuseries. However, I feel the show brought back unwanted memories for many of the families of the victims,” freshman Lukas Rinaldi said.

“I think the victims' families should have been asked before the show was created. Now they are forced to live through the suffering of their children again. It wasn’t fair to the victims and their families to make the show without consent,” senior Margaret Gray said.


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