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Decade Day

By Manal Rashid

On Wednesday, February 15, the third day of NHP’s Senior Week, seniors took it back in time for Decade Day. NHP seniors tapped into their creativity, dressing as individuals or trends from various decades. Overall, this day was a hit for most seniors who enjoyed dressing up and observing their fellow peers.

Source from Nicole DiMartino

Seniors Nicole DiMartino and Maggie Gray model fashion from the late 90s and early 2000s to display popular trends.

"Decade Day during the Class of 2023’s Senior Week was a great occasion,” senior Taseen Tanzil said. “The hallways were full of recognizable personalities from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. I felt like it was a great showcase of many of the previous graduating classes from decades ago and how fashion and self-expression as a whole have evolved over time.”

There were many stylish and creative outfits, some of which some students felt truly stood out.

Source from Anjali Patel

Seniors Anjali Patel and Andrew Jung took on the 90s look by wearing baggy jeans, basketball jerseys and baseball caps.

“I dressed up as someone from the 90s when rap, fitted caps, basketball and chains were a huge thing,” senior Anjali Patel said. “Personally, I loved the 90s look and vibe, so I felt like I had to dress up as the 90s.”

“My favorite Decade Day outfit was a monkey onesie that Helee Shukla wore because it was so creative,” said senior Anneliese Park.

Source by Fiona O'Reilly

Seniors Rachel Priest and Helee Shukla both dressed up as prehistoric animals for a playful twist on Decade Day.

Many seniors took an out-of-the-box approach to Decade Day, representing not only decades, but eras of time in history. Some seniors dressed as apes and monkeys to go back to before much of human evolution, while others went even further, dressing as dinosaurs. Even many underclassmen who couldn’t participate enjoyed the week as observers.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Decade Day, especially seeing the creative costumes some seniors had,” junior Michayla Rinaldi said. "I am looking forward to participating in the future!"


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