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Dear Student Body

By Gregory Marzano and Maximillian O'Connor

Source from Sam Tsui

Student Council Presidents Gregory Marzano and Maximillian O'Connor organize events for the school year.

Dear Gladiators,

Throughout the past year, we have had the honor of serving as your student council co-presidents, and we are so grateful to have been given the opportunity.

As restrictions lifted and we were able to engage more in person, we worked hard to plan creative and exciting events for the students, like spirit week. However, it was a group effort and none of it would have come together without the help of our other student council members as well. Whether we handed out fruit snacks, juice boxes or candy canes, we enjoyed greeting as many students as we could each month and hope that it put a smile on your face as you entered the building. Another amazing event was P.S. I Love You Day. We, along with not only the rest of the student council, but many student congress members as well, were able to emphasize the importance of supporting one another and being mindful of not only your own mental health, but of those around you. The amount of student role models helping out that day, whether they passed out the juice, greeted the students, or held signs, really helped to drive that great message home.

We hope we have made an impact on each and every student in some way, and hope that our actions this year will help inspire gladiators for years to come. To the graduating class, we wish you good luck and success in your future. To the rest of the student body, we hope you enjoy and make the most out of the rest of your high school career. To students, faculty and the rest of the NHP community, we hope you have an exciting and healthy summer.


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