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Costume Day

By Julia Esposito

Another year, another iconic costume day for the seniors of New Hyde Park to remember. The Class of 2022 filled the halls with their creative and elaborate cosplays and character portrayals. The vibrant costumes allowed for an excellent start to senior week.

Sources from Gabby Munge, Muskaan Kapoor and Alexa Rago

Clockwise from top left, Grace Tumulity and Gabby Munge recreate looks for "High School Musical"; Muskaan Kapoor and Marilyn Ramirez pose as princesses; Ryan McNeely, Anna Bartoszek, Michaela Cooney, Alexa Rago, Christopher Cooney, Andrew Stein and Kayla Hickey smile together in their outfits.

“Being a senior is so amazing! It’s so exciting and senior week was so fun! Costume day was my favorite day! Dressing up in school knowing only seniors could feel so cool. Truly felt like a senior and can’t wait to make more memories with my friends over the rest of senior year,” senior Alexa Rago said.

Source from Samuel Mathai

Arjun Madhu, Areesha Imran, Samuel Mathai, Jasmine Kumari and Nicholas Singh show off their costumes.

“Senior Week at New Hyde Park Memorial High School is something that you do not want to miss. It is a week in the school year where students can express their creative abilities through costumes, outfits, games, and activities. I had the most fun on Costume Day where I dressed up as Arthur Reed, a cartoon character that gets me nostalgic about my childhood. It was so exciting to see what costumes my friends would pick, as I knew everyone would go all out for this highly anticipated day,” senior Sakin Ahmed said.

“Since seventh grade, everyone anticipates being a senior and participating in all the corresponding activities. It’s unreal that we are finally at this point and one step closer to graduation,” senior Brendan Cooper said.

Source from Muskaan Kapoor, Grace Aderbigbe and Anna Bartoszek

Muskaan Kapoor, Kaitlyn John and Alexis Paul (left) smile together during their gym period; Ronald Suarez, Juan Mejia and Max O’Connor (center) flex their outfits by striking a pose; Michaela Cooney and Anna Bartoszek (right) dominate Costume Day with their Cosmo and Wanda look, from the nostalgic children's show.

“I loved senior week! I thought it was so fun to go into school and see everyone dressed up and do all of the senior tradition,” senior Gabby Munge said.

Source from Muskaan Kapoor and Gregory Marzano

Marilyn Ramirez, Demetri John, Muskaan Kapoor and Anthony Williams (left) pose together; Gregory Marzano, Ella Tam, Emma Ouyang, Lauren DiGregorio, James Marzano and Chris John (right) dressed up as the Scooby Doo Gang.

“Costume day was definitely my favorite day from senior week. Dressing up with my friends was really fun and it was a great way to start the week off. Senior week is something every senior looks forward to and it was definitely worth the wait. Being a senior for me is a very bittersweet feeling. We’ve spent six years roaming the halls of this building and it’s coming to an end. We’re all heading towards the next chapter of our lives after graduation. I can’t help but get a little sad thinking back to all the memories I made with many amazing people I've met. We all made some friends we’ll keep for life, and I’m excited to see what path the classmates you grew up with end up taking after graduating,” senior Areesha Imran said.

Source from Laurence Lai

Laurence Lai, Miranda Lin and Christopher Liu (left) come out from hiding in their "Where's Waldo" costumes; Lance Ng, Jason Pun and Angela Yin (right) "peace out" in their maid costumes.

Source from Laurence Lai

Henry Kang is ready to queue up for the costume contest in his League of Legends, Viego cosplay.

"I feel like my costume was done really well despite using cheap materials. I think the makeup was really accurate and gives a lot of flavor to my character. The well defined abs also adds a lot of detail. My friend helped me the crown and she was a great help in the making of my costume. I have to give most of the credit to her. Overall, everyone's costumes were amazing and really fashionable," senior Henry Kang said.

Source from Laurence Lai

Best friends Shirley Chen and Ingrid Chu show their partnership with their Mario and Luigi costumes.


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