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Collegiate Commits

By Marco Valle

The end of a sports season brings pride and joy to countless athletes within the New Hyde Park community. This is especially true when looking at the senior athletes who will be leaving NHP Memorial at the end of this school year.

Source from Mr. Patrick Maguire

Jessica Vieni signs with Molloy College to further her lacrosse career.

There are thousands of different schools across the United States, but what brings them together is a widely accepted appreciation for athletics. Whether it be homecoming or countless seasons with even more dedicated athletes, the NHP community displays its passion for sports. When talking about athletes, spectators cannot forget the student body cheering on players during games and the dedicated coaches who break down plans for success.

Getting involved in sports teaches countless life lessons that athletes take with them after they graduate from high school. Fortunately for everyone involved in sports at NHP, the fun does not have to stop when they graduate high school. Every year, students show that if someone is passionate about an activity, it is possible to turn that passion into a future.

Source from Mr. Patrick Maguire

Seniors Alyssa Baez, Muskaan Kapoor and Faith Binaso sign on to play collegiate softball.

“Being a part of a team has had a huge impact on my experience at NHP. Growing a bond and having that friendship with my teammates on and off the field was a big part of what I loved about high school, especially since I’m playing the sport that I love the most,” senior Gabrielle Munge said.

Source from Mr. Patrick Maguire

Kayla Hickey signs with Hartwick College for equestrian.

Taking the next step with high school sports can prove to be an amazing opportunity. Not only does it allow students to pursue areas of interest, but it also has many other benefits. These benefits include financial assistance from select colleges and their sports scholarships. Playing a sport in college allows students to pursue the education of their choice in specific fields, while also putting their time into playing against other colleges.

Source from Mr. Patrick Maguire

Vanessa DiNardo plans to continue as a cheerleader at St. John's University.

Underclassmen at NHP share that it is never too early to start when dreaming about and planning for college athletics.

“I have enjoyed playing with teammates from all over Long Island and have made great friendships. I hope to someday get recruited for either softball or basketball in college. I can’t imagine my life without sports,” freshman Ava Orbon said.

Source from Mr. Patrick Maguire

Gabrielle Munge plans to continue her field hockey career at Immaculata University.

Source from Mr. Patrick Maguire

Riley Griffin commits to play soccer at SUNY Geneseo.

Source from Mr. Patrick Maguire

Meghan Korzevinski plans to continue her lacrosse career at Caldwell University.

NHP Athletic Committed Students

Alyssa Baez- Farmingdale College, Softball

Faith Binaso- SUNY Old Westbury, Softball

Vanessa DiNardo- St. John’s University, Cheerleading

Riley Griffin- SUNY Geneseo, Soccer

Kayla Hickey- Hartwick College, Equestrian

Muskaan Kapoor- Baruch College, Softball

Meghan Korzevinski- Caldwell University, Lacrosse

Emily Mirabile- Limestone University, Lacrosse

Steven Mirabile- Campbell University, Football

Gabrielle Munge- Immaculata University, Field Hockey

Jordyn Neu- Farmingdale College, Lacrosse

Andrew Stein- Keystone College, Football

Jess Vieni- Molloy College, Lacrosse


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