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Changing the Game

By Kaitlyn Bell

Throughout the past year, there have been many changes at New Hyde Park Memorial High School. Most recently, there have been a number of modifications to sports. Whether it be uniforms or overall protocols, student athletes have had to make adjustments to the way they learn and play.

There has been a change in “tone” for varsity sports teams and performing groups’ uniforms. Over the past few years, the school colors have transitioned to a navy blue, although the original colors are royal blue and white. Recently, a decision has been made to transition back to royal blue, which has started with sports and performing teams. Varsity volleyball, football and other varsity sports teams already have the new uniforms and are representing New Hyde Park Memorial’s school spirit.

Source by Anna Detke

Junior Emily Speter is wearing the new girls volleyball jersey and sophomore Mia Seeto is wearing the previous girls volleyball jersey.

“I really liked the navy as it has been the color of our school that I have known for years! But the new colors are very bright and fitting for our school. I think it will take some getting used to, but overall, it will become a staple in our school, and the incoming seventh graders will feel the same way I did about the navy with the new colors, when they are in their junior and senior year as well,” said junior Madison Reilly.

“I love the uniform change because Under Armour uniforms look more athletic. I’m not sure if it was a good decision to change the color to royal blue because only a couple of sports followed through with it, but I do like the royal blue because it matches the blue on our turf,” said senior Miriya Lok.

Along with the current adjustments to uniforms, all sports teams follow new COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines. Not only are there many changes to sports compared to pre-COVID, but there are also many alterations in comparison to during remote learning and the height of COVID-19. For every sports team that practices and plays indoors, quarantine is no longer required when there is a positive COVID case on the team, because the teams wear masks. In addition to this, as opposed to during the 2020-2021 school year, student athletes that play indoor sports are not obligated to be COVID tested weekly. During remote learning last year, all indoor teams were required to get tested every Monday. Many student athletes have opinions regarding the change to these rules.

“I think that it’s definitely better for the athletes that we no longer have to quarantine for every positive case on our team, but I think we should have to be tested because I wouldn’t want to risk anyone’s health. If a team is passing COVID around, then the athletes will not be at their best performance, not to mention endangering anyone who is immunocompromised or just not able to fight COVID, as well as the teens in our school might be,” said Reilly.

“Over the past few years, the school colors have transitioned to a navy blue, although the original colors are royal blue and white...”

“The quarantine change definitely is another big change, but I think it is okay as long as everyone — both those who tested positive and those surrounding — were wearing a mask,” said senior Briana Dunn.

Following the past year, changes have been made at NHP to better the overall experience of many things that may have been restricted due to COVID-19. The modifications to sports affect many of our student athletes, hoping to help many adjust back into what may be a “normal” year.


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