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Beef With the Chiefs

By Rachel Priest

The April issue is a tough time for the Chariot staff with just getting back from spring break and studying for the final tests of the year. It has come to the point where this has affected the club's editors-in-chief, Tina and Rachel, who are supposed to be the leaders of the group. However, they cannot seem to agree on passing some of the articles, which have taken a massive toll on the progress for this issue. The two have worked well together for the prior papers, but it might have all just been an act considering their recent actions.

It just started off with a slight disagreement, but it has escalated to make everyone on staff extremely uncomfortable. They constantly side eye each other during layout, which is very unprofessional. Furthermore, when Rachel asked to pass the chips, Tina crushed them before giving them to her.

It was reported by an editor, who wishes to remain anonymous, that they spotted Rachel stealing Tina’s iPad so she could cancel an article Tina wanted to pass. For two mature girls, they can’t seem to stop doing these petty acts.

That is not the worst of it. Last Monday, multiple security guards had to break up a fist fight the two were having in the cafeteria, leaving Tina with a black eye and Rachel with a bald spot. Students have been speculating that they plan to protest each other next week.

This situation has stressed out the club adviser, Mrs. Mannle, so much that when she said she was going to pick up the pizza for the staff, she never came back. They spotted her running away screaming.

Overall, Tina and Rachel’s civil disagreements have become increasingly toxic. The staff is currently trying to get them removed from the position in hopes to make the club the peaceful place it should be.

Source by Ms. Mary Kay Mannle

Chariot editors-in-chief Tina and Rachel in happier times.


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