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NHP's Mathletes Compete At Annual Nassau Math Tournament

By Helai Eren

Select NHP Mathletes worked diligently to prepare for the 2024 Nassau Math Tournament, which took place on February 2 at SUNY Old Westbury. Members of this year's team included ninth through twelfth graders.  

“It was hard but we made it through and had confidence, and we had fun in general,” sophomore Alexander Krawczyk said.

Dr. Sime, the adviser of the Senior High Mathletes, chose fifteen contestants for the competition. Each Tuesday, students were provided with practice tests from past competitions in order to prepare. 

New Hyde Park had two upper-division teams, which were composed of eleventh and twelfth graders. There was also a lower division team, made up of one ninth grader and sophomores. They used the math-solving skills they developed from their training to tackle these problems. The first and second rounds were individual events, with students being allowed the use of a calculator for the second round, mathletics. Each of the three teams then competed individually in the team round, which was the third and final competitive event of the day. 


“The event is organized by the NCIML (Nassau County Interscholastic Mathematics League) and held annually for close to 80 schools from throughout Nassau County. Our Mathletes have been training all year by practicing with official NCIML Mathletes questions, as well as questions from past tournaments. Other than participation in the AMC Exams, this tournament is the largest competition for our students annually. Out of our three teams, two of them were tied for 16th in the county. Additionally, Junior Clayton Yu was ranked 8th out of all competing 11th graders in Nassau County,” Mathletes adviser Dr. Sime said.


NHP ended the competition with a great performance. Both the upper and lower-division teams saw success.

Source from Dr. David Sime

NHP's Nassau Math Tournament team exercises their skills in mathematics during a day of competitive problem-solving.

“I had a great experience at the Nassau Math Tournament. Getting to compete with so many other people and working together with the team was really rewarding. I really thank Dr. Sime for his dedication and support for us and am proud of the entire team. I am really excited to compete again next year!” junior Clayton Yu said.

Students who were a part of the NMT competition enjoyed the time they spent there and are proud of how they performed at the 2024 Nassau County Math Tournament.

Source from Dr. David Sime

Mathlete Clayton Yu celebrates his win as the eighth-highest-scoring junior at NMT.


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