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Painting a Love for Art: NHP's Spin on Youth Art Month

By Rebecca McCorey

March is a time where students across the country participate in Youth Art Month. This month highlights the importance of art education in hopes of increasing funding for art materials in schools and providing general support for the implementation of art classes nationwide.

During the week of March 18, NHP’s art department participated in Youth Art Month by hosting Art Week, a time where students and staff followed outfit prompts based on different artists and their styles. Monday’s theme was patterns to represent modern art, Tuesday’s was polka-dots to celebrate Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, Wednesday’s was denim, orange or yellow to honor Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, Thursday’s was the value scale to commemorate Armenian-Canadian photographer Yousuf Karsh and Friday’s was floral to observe American Painter Kehinde Wiley.

Source from Dr. Marino

Students and teachers paint pictures celebrating artist Vincent Van Gogh during Art Week.

“The art department meets as a team to discuss the artists we would like to celebrate,” Art Chairperson Dr. Marino said. “Ultimately, we like to consider how the artist has made an impact either in their disciplines, on their culture or on the world with their work or message.”

I love dressing up for art week. I am a huge art and fashion nerd so following the ‘styles’ of some of the world’s greatest artists was extremely fun,” National Art Honor Society officer Theodora Doukas said.

During art week, two workshops were held: on Tuesday, Ms. Crimini held an origami workshop to commemorate Yayoi Kusama’s art and on Wednesday, Mrs. Stabile held a sunflower painting workshop to celebrate Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

“The sunflower painting workshop with Mrs. Stabile was so fun!! We got to relax after a long day of school, creating art and listening to music,” junior Madison Wittek said.

Source from Dr. Marino

Art department teachers Mr. Brady, Dr. Marino, Ms. Livoti, and Mr. Vedder wear colorful shirts to commemorate Art Week.

Alongside Art Week, NHP showcased student’s artworks into two art galleries. Gallery@77 is a district wide gallery where a total of 25 students—five of them from NHP—were chosen by their art teachers to have their artwork displayed in the central administration building of the Sewanhaka Central High School District for a whole year. Additionally, the 17th annual Go APE student exhibition took place from February 24 to March 9. Go APE honors the outstanding artwork produced by 103 AP and IB art students–including three from NHP–from several Long Island high schools. 

“I absolutely loved being a part of the Go APE show,” senior Safaa Mufti said. “I really appreciate having the opportunity to see my own artwork along with the artworks of so many incredibly talented students.”

Overall, Art Week allowed students and teachers alike to celebrate their passion for art as a community. 

“I think that [Art Week] is a time to recognize our students and their hard work,” art teacher Mrs. Stabile said. “Art is something that I am truly passionate about and it's cool to see the school community become passionate about it.”


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